Monday, July 16, 2007

Kill Him!

I thought I'd share with you a little Warhol-esque moment for my younger daughter. You know, the 15 minutes of fame thing.

This weekend, my wife took the kids to a Harry Potter conference. She was a staff volunteer and planner and did a lot of great work to make it memorable for everyone. The CBS national news was there, and they interviewed some folks about the upcoming release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This clip is part of the coverage CBS aired Saturday night.

My daughter is a tough cookie for one so young. She gets right to the point. She's the one who says, "I hope Harry kills Voldemort."

(After this, she only has 14 minutes and 57 seconds of fame left.)

Most folks just say they hope Harry lives, but she wants him to kill the bastard! Oh well, I did say she's tough. I'm sure arguing with daddy lawyer doesn't help. We never let each other win.

I used my time alone this weekend to hammer on novel revisions. I'm happy to say I made it through 70 pages.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will be time for Beta readers soon. Then, the fun of submission begins!


c.s. said...

sounds like your girl's very much like you. something i'm experiencing too. :)

The Quoibler said...


Can you imagine her on a jury?

"Kill him!"
"But he only committed a minor crime!"
"Kill him anyway! I want BLOOD!"

I love it. Feisty kids are wonderful! I bet you're one proud Papa!


10swords said...

She can use my moniker anytime- it suits her well :)


Bev said...

she's adorable! I love "tough" kids....if you teach them not to be sheep I think they are a lot better I used to say to my daughter "someone is going to lead, why shouldn't it be you?!"

Jaye Wells said...

She's a little bloodthirsty cutie, isn't she?

Vixen said...

I'm with her, I hope Harry kills Voldemort too!!

She's too cute! :) I bet everyone had a blast.

Joni said...

She's adorable.

How fun for her to be on TV. I would have felt more important than Harry Potter himself to be part of the news.

Anonymous said...

C.S., it's so fascinating. My older daughter is more like both my wife and I with her reserve/shyness. This daughter is so headstrong. Nevertheless, I understand how she thinks. I can relate to her very well despite the outward difference. In a way, she's me, but much more brash.

Angelique, yes, we get a huge kick out of her! She is always popular with the crowd. Funny how people like that draw attention.

10Swords, that's a tough card, my friend. Until I refreshed my memory, I forgot that it's the most dire card of the entire Tarot. **Actually, now that you mention it, it probably does suit her. :)

Bev, you're so right. This one will make her way. Everyone else just has to look out.

Jaye, you know what's weird? She has a righteous streak too. Voldemort's a goner, but the bunny decimating my garden gets a pass.

Vixen, everyone had a great time! The setting at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia was very Hogwarts-like.

Joni, thanks. :) When she saw herself, her first words were, "that's me." Her second words were, "where is all the other things I said?"

Bhaswati said...

Your little one has inherited some of her father's genes, all right. More power to her!

Good luck with the book. I hope it isn't too long before we get to buy autographed copies. :-)

bekbek said...

I've seen that Voldemort. He's not nearly as cute as a bunny.

Also, hasn't Voldemort been killed at least once before? If that's the case, I don't see why Harry shouldn't kill him every time. Otherwise, he's just slacking off.

And as per usual with me, the off-camera conversation is the best part. "Where is all the other things I said?" indeed!

Thank you for posting a smile-generator. :)

Jude said...

Ah how cute... got a ruthless streak though- she'll go far. And really good luck with submissions.

onipar said...

Very cute. She had it right too, kill the bad man!

Good luck with the rest of revisions.

Anonymous said...

Haha, cute, Evan.

Anonymous said...

Bhaswati, there definitely is a DNA link with that one. :) Thanks for the kind words about my novel. It would be an unbelievable honor to put a book in your hands.

Bekbek, yeah, she's a riot. :D As for Voldemort, he totally deserves it. I hope Harry even does it with flair.

Jude, thanks. :) She's got a healthy ego, that's for sure.

Onipar, if Harry doesn't do it, I'm sure she would step up.

Trevor, a fun little parent moment there.

anne frasier said...

haha! love it!

The Wandering Author said...

When you submit your novel, just let them know about your daughter. They won't dare turn you down. :-D

Seriously, best of luck with the novel, and be sure to let us know when it comes out.