Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The In-Between Places

In August 1988, the salt air thinned, and the sun set a little sooner each day. My friend and I were vacationing at the South Carolina shore. Soon, college would begin, and everything would change.

The magic date of 8/8/88 came, and we tried to convince ourselves we were living an important moment, one we would always remember.

Maybe we were right.

A couple days later, we faced 14 hours of driving back to Pennsylvania in my father's work car which had no air conditioning. I wasn't in a hurry. We explored the back roads and tobacco fields of the Carolinas. We explored secret fields in the hills of Virginia.

I was searching for something back then. I see glimmers of it in the photographs I still have.

But I'm better prepared now. The places underneath the surface, the places nestled between here and there, are not beyond reach.

It's not so hard to step inside the dream.


wordtryst said...

Beautiful. I'm feeling that wanderlust right now. One day, one day...

wordtryst said...

...and thank you for making me a firefly, jason.

Bernita said...

I know, Jason.

Jaye Wells said...

Those photos have a painterly quality to them. Very nice. I've been itching to take off down an endless Texas highway lately. I'm not looking for anything, just need to roam.

Church Lady said...

What music were you listening to back then? Do you remember?

Lovely pictures. I'm with Jaye. I feel the need to roam.

These days, I throw my kids in the back seat with a bag of snacks and piles of books. Somehow, it's not the same.....

The Anti-Wife said...

Lovely. I've been on some of those back roads in the Carolinas. They are interesting places.

Kaycie said...

I used to live in Aiken County, South Carolina, and I think it is some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. I absolutely loved it there and would love to go back. Did you take pictures of the cotton fields with their trailer houses up on blocks? Very picturesque.

theindividualvoice said...

Dreamy photographs. Make me want to paint.

Terri said...

In 1988 you were taking photos of barns / cabins in the middle of nowhere; now you've built one for yourself and your family. Cool. Now mind the bears!

I see I missed your anniversary. I think I did that last year too - at least I'm consistent, eh?!
Congratulations :-)

SzélsőFa said...

***It's not so hard to step inside the dream.***

so shall be it.

Many belated thanks for linking me!!!

kcterrilynn said...

I just love the way you phrase things...

Amanda said...

a beautiful summery feel to the photo and very insightul and articulate observations :)

mermaid said...

Your post reminds me of a yearning that I had before college, to stretch the sky and earth around me, to see if I could alter my reality with the dream of possibilities.

The other day I heard Don Henley's Boys of Summer, and it's one of the many songs that keeps the passion of youth alive within me.

I see it's still alive in you as well.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

This was nice. Reminds me of home in Virginia. Living in Michigan now, I do miss it.

There is something special about those tender years, wehn we think the world revolves around what we need to find or be. Then as we age we find that it is not as hard as we thought and there is something so simplistic and attractive about our dreams and seaches. Ahh carefree days.

Anonymous said...

Wordtryst, I wonder if it's the time of year. Several folks seem to have the same feeling.

Bernita, I've sensed that perception in you.

Jaye, maybe a day of roaming is just what the doctor ordered. **Thanks re the photos. Nineteen years of aging has mellowed them in an interesting way.

Church Lady, one song that is associated with this trip and time is Broken Wings by Mister Mister. Even though the lyrics have nothing to do with wandering and travel, for me the song always evoked thoughts of a hot wind through car windows.

Anti-Wife, I wish I had even more time to explore them.

Kaycie, I'm not sure I saw cotton fields, although I may have. The tobacco drying barns really stuck in my memory (at least I think that's what they were).

Individual Voice, they did the same for me back then. Unfortunately, I'm not a very good painter.

Terri, you're right. There is a certain consistency over time. I like that. It makes me feel like I've steered a relatively straight course.

Szelsofa, you're very welcome, my friend.

KC, what a nice thing to say! Thank you. :)

Amanda, occasionally I was able to really capture the feel of the moment. These photos are like that for me.

Mermaid, what you say really rings true. Boys of Summer is another one of those powerful place and atmosphere songs. Yes, I do try to keep it alive.

Inside, welcome! I suppose with age comes the strength and power to create pockets of reality. When we're young, we can yearn, but we're not quite able to have.

Crafty Green Poet said...

there's a certain indefinable atmosphere that you've caught wonderfully here in your writing and particularly the first photo.