Sunday, August 05, 2007


I remember finding him as a teenager. The small grave read "Baby Howard." It was choked and obscured by graveside bushes turned into towering trees.

Many years later, I found Nora Pellam laid to rest in the shadow of tree. Now she is the tree. Surely the roots have taken her.

Objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

We are all the inevitable victims of inertia.

(Inscription: Nora M. Pellam, 1875-1931. St. Paul the Apostle Cemetery, Hancock, Delaware County, New York.)


angel said...

wow... i love how you see your world dude!

briliantdonkey said...

great post. "surely she has become the tree" Perfect way to put it.


Anonymous said...

this made me sad. i don't want to be an object of inevitable inertia.

mermaid said...

You are the soul where science and spirit meet, and embrace, if only for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Angel, :)

BD, thanks, my friend.

Kate, we can fight it. In fact, I encourage everyone to fight it as hard as they can.

Mermaid, what a lovely observation to make. Thank you!