Monday, September 24, 2007

De Niro of the Forest

Yo. Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to ME?
I'm the only one here, so you must be talking to me.

You want some horn? Here, I'll give you some horn.

Mount this on your wall, ya dirty %$&#*@!

Wow. It's getting rough in the forest these days. Even the coyotes were all howly and looking for trouble.

Maybe I'll find some peace and quiet in the city.

(Stealthcam I230IR trail camera, Wayne County, Pennsylvania.)


ScaramoucheX said...

Love that trail cam...didn't know the results could be so good. Is that one motion sensitive?
Would you recommend that model?
I could really use one around my house, actually...

SzélsőFa said...

My favourite R. de Niro movie, now impersonated by a deer. Thanks for the fun I had :)

It's incredible how close you can get. Is this the very same animal, or they are generally that tame?

Word verification this time was: grvpyowl - which sounds like a grumpy owl or something:)

Jaye Wells said...

I was going to go all lowest common denominator and say something about horny deers, but I shall refrain.

Neat shots, Jason.

Hoodie said...

Ha! Perfect Captions.

twizzle said...

too funny. :)

have you wandered over to Writer's Digest and nominated your blog for Maria's blogroll? If you haven't you should...

Church Lady said...

I just started watching "Survivorman" with my boys. Great show. Your photos remind me of that show!

Anonymous said...

Scaramouchex, I have to say that I like this model's battery life most of all. It easily lasts 10 weeks or more with 6 c batteries. The pictures aren't as good as my former, Leaf River, camera, but it does the job. It's activated by heat and motion, and works in the infrared range rather than natural light so that night pictures don't spook the animals.

Szelsofa, I love seeing what the camera gets! It's battery operated and gets strapped to a tree. It's triggered with an animal moves in front of it.

Jaye, so early in the morning too. LOL!

Hoodie, I couldn't resist. I really get a kick out of the close up face.

Twizzle, I checked it out and dropped my name. Thanks for the heads-up, and thanks even more for the kind words!

Church Lady, I saw a little bit of that show last night. Part of me would like to give that a try. The other part doesn't want to eat nasty crap or give up matresses.

Shesawriter said...

Now THAT was creative. And cute. They are so adorable. Too bad all the animals in my area are losing their homes because builders keep cutting the damn trees down.

SzélsőFa said...

You mean the camera takes a shot whenever it feels movement in front of the lense? Wow.

Angela said...

This just totally cracks me up. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

ybonesy said...

it must be such a treat when you see something like this on your camera in the morning. thanks for sharing.

suburbanlife said...

I love the idea that this deer did notice something out of norm in its place and checked it out - or maybe this was its horn sharpening tree that you buckled the camera to? The captions are great! What a terrific toy this camera is! G

The Quoibler said...

Quick! Somebody get that deer an agent... what acting chops he has! I love it! The chutzpa alone puts him ahead of the rest.


The Anti-Wife said...

I think he's saying, "Yo, Jason. You want some clarity? I'll give you some clarity!"

Anonymous said...

Shesawriter, once they get used to the change, they'll be back. The burbs around Philadelphia are overrun.

Szelsofa, that's right. The camera is sensitive to heat and motion. You can set it different ways. I have it set to take pictures in a quick 3-picture series. After 1 minute, if there is still a target, it does it again.

Angela, my pleasure. :)

Ybonesy, my wife and kids gather around the laptop when I download the picture. It's always a surprise!

Suburbanlife, definitely a useful toy. ;) I think the deer was checking out the camera. This tree is too large to rub.

Quoibler, you have a good eye for talent. :)

Anti-Wife, ha! Yes, I'm clear now.

Roberta said...

Funny! I could tell you about the doe trying to eat corn I'd left in the open trunk of my car for hubs to carry down, but I won't.

Pretty as they are, they can be vicious.

the individual voice said...

I know this will be an unpopular view, but my conscience requires I express my ethical concerns over this invasion of the deer's privacy. Is nothing sacred in this country anymore?

Anonymous said...

Roberta, wow, that's pretty bold!

Individual Voice, you can certainly express other views. Nature photography has a long-standing tradition in science, education, and art, so I'm not sure privacy is the issue. Perhaps it's the humor you object to. There are many things I give sacred treatment to on this blog, but humor has its place too. Without seeing the lighter side occasionally, I'm afraid the message can become preachy.

the individual voice said...

Hey, Jason, my comment was meant to be humorous! I wasn't serious at all. Whoever talks about privacy rights for animals? No one. Gotcha! I thought your photo comments were hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Individual Voice, okay, you got me. My wife thought it was a joke, but it sounded serious to me, because folks often begin contrarian comments with statements like taking "an unpopular view." The privacy rights of animals was a head-scratcher, though.

Eve said...


jason evans: Wh-o... who is it?

me: It's the ARTP! OPEN THE DOOR!

jason evans: Th-e, the ARTP?

me: That's right, the Animal Rights To Privacy group! That's what!


jason evans: What do you want?

me: We heard there was some deer stalking going on over here. We have a cease and desist order!

Papers rustle

jason evans: whispering Honey, honey! It's that darned individual voice lady, she's got the ARTP over here!

mrs. evans: Hun, it's a joke.

jason evans: I-I-I dunno, honey.

mrs. evans: Trust me, jase, it's a JOKE! Nobody cares about animal privacy.


Angry deer stands there, glaring.

jason evans FAINTS


Anonymous said...

The audience EXPLODES.



The house lights emerge.


angel said...

mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa... i've enjoyed the comments and the post!