Friday, October 12, 2007

Cemetery Symbolism--Celtic Interlace

Over and under in an endless circle, the end disappears into the beginning. Celtic interlace evokes limitless green and fog clinging to dawn-wakened islands.

Perhaps it's more than a pattern, more than a stone-carver's ornamentation. The world is intertwined. There is no here cut from the hereafter, no past burned from the world we see. Water weaves from our breath to the clouds, and tears drip from the oceans we keep.

(Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


SzélsőFa said...

Celtic crosses excel at displaying symbols - they tell so much to the interested eye, don't they?
The idea of countinuity is present at so many levels in this item as well. Were I not a Hungarian and were I not determined to be cremated I'd wish to have a Celtic cross on my graveyard.

SzélsőFa said...

perhaps, you already know that even-armed crosses represent life, over death, and continuity over a tool of execution?

I think we feel this inside and that makes Celtic Crosses so loveable.
(Okay, I'm obsessed.)

suzan abrams said...

Just so love the last line, Jason.
I wonder if there's any connection too, that I'm in Dublin at the moment. :-)

Bernita said...

Just beautiful, Jason.

Jaye Wells said...

"Celtic interlace evokes limitless green and fog clinging to dawn-wakened islands." Love this. And it's so true.

I like how the foreground is a bit shadowed but in the background you can see the sun reflecting off the the trees.

Aine said...

As you know, I love celtic patterns. A weave is so universal and ancient that it evokes a harmony-with-the-earth feel for me. Very apropos for a tombstone!

I also love finding the profound in simplicity. The weave is never-ending and contains no straight lines-- perfection!

I'm glad you found this one to photograph. Were there many others, perhaps a section of the cemetary with families of irish or scottish heritage?

Aine said...

Oops-- cemetery, not cemetary :)
Glad I don't plan on residing there any time soon. I wouldn't be able to spell my address correctly!

The Anti-Wife said...

The cross is beautiful.

Remiman said...

I love cemeteries and celtic design.
Intriging, and thought stimulating. Great subjects leading up to Halloween.

the individual voice said...

Gorgeous photo. Lovely words. Thank you.

Ello said...

The cross is really beautiful and the words are so lovely. The end disappears into the beginning. Such a poet! Now are you as eloquent a speaker as you are a writer? We should ask one who would know best.

Hey Aine? So exactly how bad is it arguing with a lawyer? ;o)

_Soulless_ said...

There is no here cut from the hereafter

Poetic and philosophical. Loved it.

Water weaves from our breath to the clouds

Beautifully expressed rhythm. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Szelsofa, speaking of the cross itself, I do like the addition of the circle. I should research the history and meaning of that change to the usual symbol.

Suzan, that's quite a coincidence! I hope your trip to Dublin is beautiful.

Bernita, thank you. :)

Jaye, I probably wasn't even supposed to be in the cemetery at this time. It was shortly before sunset. I got so many stunning pictures, though.

Aine, when I wrote this, I was also thinking of our little find--the artwork we have of the zoomorphic design. As for a section in the cemetery, no I didn't notice that. This one really commanded the area around it. It was different.

Anti-Wife, in beautiful condition too.

Remiman, I just visited a new one today. Sometime I'm going to have to ruminate on the effect they have on me. I'm not fully sure why I'm so comfortable there.

Individual Voice, the spirit that glows in Celtic images is amazing, isn't it?

Ello, I'll leave that one for Aine (Mrs. Evans) to answer. :) Let's just say that I like being a poet more than a lawyer. I'm good at law, though, and I do good things in my work.

Souless, welcome! Great to see you here. Rhythm...yes. I obsess about the rhythm of the words. It's very gratifying when someone senses it! Thanks for that.

Aine said...

Ello, yes he is an eloquent speaker. His skills in thinking with precise and artistic language (and therefore ability to verbally express without preparation) are amazing. I have yet to meet someone who can rival him in unrehearsed interactions.

As far as your question about arguing with a lawyer... you know how that goes. ;) There is no such thing as winning. There is only the possibility of creating a better argument. Which he is much more practiced at, so I rarely stand a chance. :P

Ello said...

Hi Aine! I figured as much!

And re: arguments. Since my husband is also a lawyer, arguments in our house can reach battle-like proportions. Most times one of us concedes simply from exhaustion. Oh and Aine, I saw in your profile that you have 2 girls. I have 3 little girls so our house is all pinks and purples and Barbie dolls so I'm sure we have alot in common!

Jason, you should let Aine do a post once in awhile! Give the other side perspective!

Kristen Hovet said...

lovely lovely lovely!