Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wind in the Morning

Clouds slide
From the end of the world
Grey thoughts
Regaling their decay
The cold is like a fear forgotten
Without its blood
And your fingertips are warm
Where the rumpled covers lay


Bernita said...

Those last lines.
So sweet.

Jaye Wells said...

"The cold is like a fear forgotten." Excellent!

Kaycie said...

Gorgeous picture.

ybonesy said...

lovely. reminscent of my overcast morning here and my reluctance to get out of my warm bed and face the day.

Wilf said...

Can't tell if this is sunrise or sunset - lovely all the same.

Vesper said...

Splendid imagery, Jason! Very beautiful.

SzélsőFa said...


The Anti-Wife said...

This is very lovely. Especially liked "The cold is lika a fear forgotten without its blood."

Ello said...

I love that "cold is like a fear forgotten" line. Such a great line - really pretty poem. You have such a way with words!

Anonymous said...

Bernita, the sweetest for me too. Inspired by Aine.

Jaye, the real morning was unsettling, but it was like waves crashing around me, not penetrating.

Kaycie, photography from a moving car is always a challenge. Split seconds make all the difference. Thanks!

Ybonesy, I would have preferred to stay in the warm too!

Wilf, this picture was the closest feel. The real sunrise was even more ominous.

Vesper, thanks. :) Fall such a passion-filled time.

Szelsofa, glad you enjoyed it. :)

Anti-Wife, yes, like a shell of a fear. It had the shape, but not the power.

Ello, thanks for saying so. Funny how I go from writing contracts to writing poetry. One of these days, I'm going to mix them up.

Vixen said...

Where the rumpled covers lay... ah what great images that portrays.

Verilion said...

I love the imagery in this.

kali said...

i love little poems!

mermaid said...

Sounds like winter is coming, but you are still warm. Tell me, what permits this for you?

Michele said...

Hi, Jason!
I love your pics. There is always something haunting and beautiful about them and the poetry only adds to their allure.

I enjoy the play of light and clouds...natures palatte (sp).


Anonymous said...

Vixen, much more comfortable than pressed covers.

Verilion, much appreciated!

Kali, short poems paired with pictures are my favorite. I like how they complement one another.

Mermaid, I suppose it's the belief that there is always warmth when you compare two things. Even an igloo is warm in the middle of the Artic.

Michele, autumn always spins the most beautiful and dramatic skies. Glad you enjoyed this one!

_Soulless_ said...

It's been mentioned in the comment thread several times, but I do so agree what a choice, palpable line the following is:

The cold is like a fear forgotten


angel said...

too beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Soulless, sometimes cold can be potent, and sometimes superficial. I was exploring that distinction.

Angel, that was a cool picture!