Friday, May 23, 2008

"So, I hear you're from Johnstown."

I was nervous.

I walked with the group, older students catching up from summer, and freshmen like me, wondering whether a work study job in the biology department was going to suck.

They tried to scare us kids. The mean, towering, white-haired professor loved his library. Handle the books right. Don't slack off. Do a thorough job.

We were going upstairs to do the annual cleaning.

There was a girl in the group I secretly watched. A little quieter than the others, more watchful, but still part of the action. She seemed so comfortable with college life compared with me. I knew nothing.

I caught her eye for a moment.

Dark in the distance. Mysterious and pretty.

Lingering a little longer than anyone else's.

In that moment, I saw something different--how aware she was. That she was not just floating on the surface. She might be someone searching the same depths that I was seeking.

Months later, when I was close to her, I learned that those dark eyes were really green.

--September 1988, Franklin & Marshall College. The day I met Aine.

On May 23, 1992, we were married.
Happy Anniversary, Aine!!! Sweet 16th.


JaneyV said...

Happy Anniversary Jason and Aine.
It's so nice that you remember with such clarity the first time you saw Aine, Jason. I have the same feeling from when I met my husband, Tim. It was like I recognised him even though we'd never met before.
Love, joy and happiness for all your future years together.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Annivesary. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

SzélsőFa said...

What a lovely story!
Thanks for sharing.
Happy Anniversary, Jason and Aine!

Scott said...

Nice tribute to that green eyed girl. Nothing like that first connection.

Aine said...

And when I saw that those eyes that mesmerized me were green also...

As they say, the rest is history.

Happy Anniversary, Jason!!
I love you....

Aine said...

Janeyv, thanks! Isn't it magical?

Aggie, thank you. I love being with a writer-- the stories sound even more magical when told with skill.

Szelsofa, thanks! :)

Scott, so true. But it's the connections that happen twenty years later than should be even more celebrated. They are often hard fought, and much deeper.

Anonymous said...

16 years? Congrats!

Sarah Hina said...

The spark of your eyes meeting setting off fireworks in the heart. What a beautiful tribute, Jason.

And what a beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you guys have fun today, and for the next 16. :)

Hoodie said...

Wow! Congratulations you two. Here's wishing you many more years of happiness. The blogosphere is so much richer for your presence.

Miladysa said...

WoW! I ADORE they way you told this!

Congratulations to you both from yet another green eyed soul! I wish you many more wonderful years together :-D

Terri said...

Aw, congratulations you two!!!
I love that you shared this. What a lovely moment :-)

Geraldine said...

What a lovely post. Happy Anniversary Jason and Aine and many, many more to come! You seem so well-suited to be together. Your love for each other comes shining through. Huggs, G

Bernita said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for the well wishes!! It means a lot to us. :)

I love you too, Aine!

Bridget Jones said...

Hey my comment didn't make it. Magical storytelling, and it's even better that it's true.

Happy anniversary and bestest wishes for many many more.

Ello said...

Oh Happy Anniversary Aine and Jason! And what a wonderful story! You guys are so lucky to have each other.



ybonesy said...

Happy anniversary!

You are romantics!

Milly said...

Happy anniversary!

ChrisEldin said...

Happy Anniversary!!


The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Happy happy happiness!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, everyone!!

wordtryst said...

16 years! Happy anniversary!