Monday, June 30, 2008

Easy Rider

Did I ever tell you I used to ride a motorcycle when I was in my late teens?

Well, I did. And I miss it.

The rush of wind. The cool pockets of air brimming in the valleys. The wet, shaded smell of the forests.

I guess I've officially entered the drifting seas of midlife, because I'm back in the saddle, so to speak. Aine and I have reclaimed our old motorcycling days.

So, yesterday I went out into the countryside to do a little photography, and I ended up in a venerable churchyard. After visiting the oldest of the graves, I got back on the bike to head out.

That's when I noticed him under the speedometer.

Meet my young friend, Master P. Mantis. Seems he likes the bike too.

Just to give you a sense of scale, here is the bugger near the turn signal light, which is about the size of a dime.

Such a perfect little creature. He must be just large enough to be getting out into the world.

Perhaps these little visits are harbingers of larger things.


He hopped from the bike, and I bid him a fine afternoon and evening.

I steered around him on my way back into the corn fields.


Remiman said...

There's and aura about bikes. I've never riden one, always wanted to.

Bernita said...

Small wonders.

Aine said...

Dear wee mantis-- what a find! I'm so glad you had the camera.

According to superstition, their powers range from bringing good fortune to being seers to pointing the way home for lost children.

Was he pointing you in a good direction?

Sarah Hina said...

Little must be on the right road.

I hope there wasn't a Madame P. Mantis around, though--for his own good. Nothing ruins a good mating like being eaten alive. ;)

Glad you discovered your stowaway, Jason.

beth♥ said...

Ah! What a contrast! The green of Master P. Mantis vs. the metallic sheen of chrome.

Nothingman said...

I think the fun of biking doubles when your babe is sitting behind you.

But, single riding, you can go faster! :D


Bridget Jones said...

my first bf had a motorcycle (he now has 7, the idiot) and I never got over the smell of bike grease. What a combination this post was---bikes, the tiny Mr. P, and exploring graveyards.

How very cool!!!

ChrisEldin said...

Very nice. I think this bug is one of the more graceful ones...

ybonesy said...

I love how he seems to be posing for the camera. Like, he was about to step forward but then stopped and looked your way.

My husband bought a Harley Sportster about five or so years ago. Well, when I turned 40. He got it for my midlife crisis. Empathetic. 8)

Anonymous said...

Remiman, it's not too late.

Bernita, especially wonders that little.

Aine, was he pointed you in a good direction? I'll follow the way he said and find out. ;)

Sarah, I guess Master Mantis has that to look forward to! I'm glad I saw him before any harm came to him.

Beth, isn't that mantis reflection the best?! Not bad for shoving a camera up to your helmet.

Nothingman, definitely, definitely better with doubles.

Bridget Jones, seven? Wow. I can't see myself doing that. As for the combination, thanks! That combination is a good representation of me.

Chris, there's a majesty about them.

Ybonesy, now that was extremely thoughtful of him! ;)

Jaye Wells said...

I bet he wanted to go for a ride.

SzélsőFa said...

I like the photo, too!
I think he will grow much bigger than this, won't he?

It's good to take old, forgotten habits back, if they suit you :) I can imagine you and Aine, not much of a teenagers now, gliding through the countryside...hopping down for an occasional encounter like this...It must be fun.

raine said...

Easy Mantis.
I love it. ;)

bekbek said...

I've only been on a bike once, and it was behind the driver. It was cool for about 5 minutes, and then I hated the rest of the ride.

If I ever get back on a bike, I'll be driving. :-p

Sounds like a beautiful day, Jason.

Geraldine said...

Ahhh...I remember riding (on the back LOL)of a motorcycle as a teenager too. Such fun and a feeling of freedom. Seems like you are already picking up friends along the way Jason. Interesting little creature he was.

PS: When you can, stop by MPP for a answer to cat ??? re: your comment. Thanks for photo suggestion too re: collage. G

Barbara Martin said...

Lucky for you to have captured the moment with your camera. It must be quite young to be so small. Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

Jaye, I would've obliged him, but I feared his first ride would be his last. The rumble when I started the bike was like whoa, hey...lemme off of this thing.

Szelsofa, yes, much much bigger. You're right about riding. The sensations are a direct link to another, more free time.

Raine, you got it!

Bekbek, you can drive. That's cool. :) (Just wondering, why did you hate it?)

Geraldine, so you are one of the initiated! Very cool! Maybe you can relive those days sometime too.

Barbara, I was ready to get back underway, but when I saw that curious, tiny blade-of-grass-looking thing, I had to pull everything back out and grab the shot. (BTW, welcome!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh what cool fun. I used to be a bike babe too.
Master P. Mantis probably kept you nice and safe and enjoyed the ride.