Sunday, July 20, 2008

Readers' Choice Voting is Closed

That's it, everyone! The votes are in, and we're counting down the hours until the winners announcement tomorrow morning.

The commenting and support in this contest has been astounding. Thanks for a wonderful contest week!

If you're in the mood for more fun and comraderie (and if you like to win books), stop by Book Roast this week. We're roasting five books (and their authors) in five days. Mingle, try your hand at answering funky questions, and maybe come away with a prize. I'll be the Roast Master on Tuesday.

Hope you stop by!


Sheri said...

Oh sorry I missed the voting. My family and I had a vacation at home this weekend - which meant no computers, no TV, no working at all. So I just signed up and saw I missed it.

Just as well, it would have been difficult to narrow it down to just five, there were so many well written, clever, pieces!

Good luck everyone!

September said...

Thanks again, Jason, for hosting these contests. Like you've said, it's about so much more than the prizes - I love the reading and the commenting and learning that goes along with these.
Three cheers for Jason!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sheri!

You're very, very welcome, September.