Monday, August 11, 2008

August Forest

In the quiet August sun....

The crickets mourn the whithering day
As goldenrod feasts in breezes sway

Caterpillars race against the autumn cold
Dark dreaming sleep when year is old

Secretive mushrooms, the rains betray
Chanterelle sunsets from trails astray

High-hopping thieves glisten with gold
Masked Mr. Wood Frog says, "oh, I'll give you something to hold."


Sarah Hina said...

I don't know, Jason. I think Mr. Wood Frog looks hungry enough to eat a camera. ;) Great expression.

These photos, and your verse, make me want to soak up August's delights, while we still can. A midsummer afternoon's dream.

Aine said...

Building the cabin is one the best decisions we ever made.

Beauty is easy to find when you know where to look. I'm so thankful you are gifted with a camera. These memories deserve to be kept.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Beautiful forest tales!

The pics and the captions seem made for each other :)

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Those are the coolest basidiocarps ever! Just look at that lovely colour! If one could cultivate them, I'd have a whole patch in the dark, moist corners of my garden.

Your couplets remind me of the work of Edward Gorey, in particular The Iron Tonic: Or, A Winter Afternoon in Lonely Valley

Geraldine said...

Oh, I just loved this post Jason!!! So cute, lovely and fun all at the same time.

Great start to the week, thanks.

Meghan said...

Beautiful post (and great pics!)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, something this weekend made me feel the dwindling summer also. Time to live it to its fullest before it slips away.

Aine, yes, what an amazing escape. And so true about the pictures. I'm trying to capture a sense of nostalgia even before the moment is lost.

Sameera, the verses were a last minute addition. Glad you enjoyed them!

EOH, and some very tasty basidiocarps too! I highly recommend them. I'm happy to say that a certain hillside seems to produce them consistently around this time each year. And I will check out Eward Gorey. Thanks for the suggestion!

Geraldine, thank you kindly, my friend. I liked this start to the week too.

Meghan, thank you! I should capture more walks through the woods during the seasons.

mgirl said...

You say so much with these select few words, of the beauty that surrounds us. I can feel the Autumn days creeping upon us already. Beautiful piece, Jason.

Anonymous said...

Mgirl, wrap yourself in these days. Something about late summer makes them the sweetest. And thanks for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

This is just magical. You have transported me to another world.

wordtryst said...

I feel the nostalgia for the season's passing in this piece. Lovely!