Friday, September 05, 2008

Whisper an Old Tune

September cuts the cicada haze
Deep breathing life into dying days
I yearn for me and things I've done
As the summer cools with the rising sun

(The picture was taken in the side mirror of our truck on the way home from the Chesapeake Bay. It was the day we photographed the Cypress Pass.)


Geraldine said...

I LOVE this photo and your words to accompany were perfect.

Autumn...such a wonderful, wistful season to enjoy. My favorite.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect shot. I have, on occasion been in the midst of a shot like that as I have looked back when leaving a holiday venue. There is a little pang that goes with it as I a catalogue that scene to memory. Very, very nice!

JaneyV said...

We didn't have much of a summer over this way and the rain started beating down relentlessly as soon as September showed. I like your autumn imagery so much more than my reality.

Beautiful picture and warm perfect words.

Aine said...

I'll definitely pull this one out of the archives when we're in the midst of a snowstorm next January!

You've captured the end of summer feeling beautifully.

Sarah Hina said...

Resuscitation. I love the feeling of looking back to feed the future. The photo's colors whisper of the autumn to come. September is such a beautiful, minor chord transition to those darker days.

Great title, Jason. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Great poem. The color is really powerful in the photo as well.

Unknown said...

Fabulous shot!!!

Chris Eldin said...

Beautiful photo!!
And your poem goes perfectly with it. But whatsup with you and Bernita lamenting the passing of summer?

Jessica said...

Wonderful picture! :)

Terri said...

Amazing photo! I took one out of our side mirror a while back but it was of a massive rain cloud following us and nowhere near as beautiful as this. The cobweb on the mirror didn't help either ;-)

Sameera Ansari said...

Great capture!The hues are simply soothing.

"I yearn for me and things I've done" - I so know that feeling!

Have a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Geraldine, I'm looking forward to autumn too. The fact that everything seems to be slipping away makes it precious and intense.

Selma, doesn't it break your heart not to be able to capture those fleeting scenes? It does for me. Too bad cameras can't always be with us.

Janey, ack. Sorry the season has been a tough one. Maybe the coming months will allow some sun.

Aine, if the descriptions of INTP personality are true, then it sounds like I did my job here. ;)

Sarah, September as a minor true! That's a wonderfully visceral way to put it. (As for title, I was getting tired. I didn't love it, but decided to just get it done. :) )

Charles, thanks! It wasn't as tricky as the motorcycle shot, but this one was a little contortionistic too.

Beth, thank you. :) When I saw the shape of the receding telephone poles and the light, I knew I had to get it.

Chris, I don't know. :) Bernita and I must have been tuning to the same mental channel.

Jessica, much appreciated! We have to grab those picture opportunties when we stumble across them.

Terri, tricky shot, isn't it? I think I was helped here by the fact that the road was much darker ahead. It vignetted the reflection nicely.

Sameera, I hope the yearning is a lighter and the experiencing stronger for you this weekend!

Liane Spicer said...

As always, lovely image, inspired words. Seems like just weeks ago that I was reading about the end of summer and autumn's approach on this blog - but a whole year has flown past.

I'm having a party on my blog to celebrate the release of my first novel, and you're both invited!

Anonymous said...

Wordtryst, wow, time does fly! I'll be over to see if the house is still standing. Congratulations on your novel!

Vesper said...

I yearn for me and things I've done ... yes...

Perfect photo and poem.

Crafty Green Poet said...

wonderful light in the photo,