Monday, November 10, 2008

November Poem (In Four Visions)

Last year's winter dreams
Slither on ice crystal leaves
Yellows draining to browns
Purple briars fingers
Clawing back to ground

Green hemlocks listen
Their bones don't scratch
Still touched with sun
In bright blazing winter

November kisses my cheeks
Cold mask walking
On sprouts of spiky moss
Soft and crying
Their dying days

The mountain towers over the valley
Dark, ruminating grey
Sun glows in the clouds
A moment of bright
Cheers the end of day.


Sarah Hina said...

I sense that feeling of everything being swallowed back into the earth, and hushed again, too. There's a real stillness, and sense of pause, to all those leaves, asleep on the ground. The photos--especially the first for me--capture that near slumber very well.

And yet you ended on the sun. Even November clings to warmth.

Charles Gramlich said...

A season of fogs, chill nights, whispering winds.

Aine said...

Ahh, November. I love the last bits of color before all is blanketed with white. The fourth photo is my favorite. :)

The first photo evokes that feeling of the end of a season. Packing up the vacation home until next year. A feeling of sadness mixed with satisfaction because the return next year will be magical.

Glad we have a few more weeks to enjoy the cabin!

Meghan said...

I love the line

"Slither on ice crystal leaves
Yellows draining to browns"

great poem and lovely fall pictures!

Merelyme said...

my favorite lines of this are:

On sprouts of spiky moss
Soft and crying
Their dying days

i love autumn...although it conjures images of has always been a time of renewal for me. i love these cozy stark days.

Geraldine said...

You have captured the spirit of Autumn perfectly.

This is a depressing time of year for some; personally I love it, with all the glorious colors to behold.

Miladysa said...

"Slither on ice crystal leaves"

Delish :D

Beautiful photographs!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and they go so well with your words. Autumn has come and gone here, but this peom reminds me exactly of what it was like.

Vesper said...

Purple briars fingers
Clawing back to ground

Yet, November seem so much nicer when one reads your poetry about it...

Beautiful pics...

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

"...A moment of bright
Cheers the end of day.

What a hopeful line, Jason. I always look for all the light I can find. I especially love the last bit of light in a dark autumn sky. I just wish that moment wasn't so ephemeral.

Inspiring, as always.

bessye said...

How wonderful your captured day!
Great poem Jason.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I'm kind of a sucker for believing that every season is the most beautiful (well, with the exception of winter when it's not actively snowing). But November really does have an odd, endearing beauty. The forest is part of it for me. Including they way those of us who still keep alive the old hunts return to the woods to match wits with our quarry.

Charles, a perfect, shivery description. Blanket time.

Aine, I'm looking forward to the coming weeks too! I'm not ready to give in to the packing up. :) Some cozy times are still ahead.

Meghan, thanks for taking the forest walk with me!

Merelyme, you're right. It's a potent opportunity to lift above the decline of so much around us.

Geraldine, such a rich time. The deep browns with the open spaces. The greenery that still remains.

Miladysa, that's what the wind on the crisp leaves conjured for me. The raspy sounds. And the cold.

Aggie, you're probably already into summer, or close. Feel free to share! I love thinking about the dichotomies of the Earth. The opposing seasons.

Vesper, you can rest in my vision for a while. Make yourself comfortable. :)

Kaye, those tears in the clouds are so potent this time of year. When they light the forest, you realize how much life is still there.

Bessye, I definitely like to reflect my surrounding world here at The Clarity of Night. The colors and feelings in which we walk ground us and guide us.

JaneyV said...

Ah November - not so much a month, as a mood. You've really capture the essence of it here. So many beautiful lines to chose from but I think I like
Last year's winter dreams
Slither on ice crystal leaves


November kisses my cheeks
Cold mask walking
On sprouts of spiky moss

the best.

Billy said...

My reaction was similar to Sarah's. Everything swallowed, but I really love the way you end with the sun in November. Great work as always.

iamnasra said...

Poetry indeed four vision ..Loved the trees exposing bones ...

Anonymous said...

Janey, thanks. :) We still have a little more to enjoy.

Billy, a good day for a nap and wide-open dreams. Thanks for the comments!

Nasra, thanks so much, my friend. :)

Sarah Laurence said...

Jason, what lovely images compliment your poem. You really capture these November days. Fun to run across another photographer- writer. Good luck with your novel!