Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day

The night thickens with grey and silence. A flight of ghosts in the air. Sheeting.

I lay in the embrace of blankets. The night is listening. Like I am listening. Even my dreams are listening.

You stir.

My warm and your warmth mix.

The clock glows the time, but numbers are meaningless. Just the wide spaces between pillows and dawn.

And dawn will come white. With more silence. Except for the plows rumbling. First a mile away, then thundering by with their scraping booms.

Day will embrace blankets too, as sunny sleep is often sweeter.

"Time to get up," you might say, not meaning it.

I'll flip the blanket up over our faces.

It's dark there. Dreamy warm.

Night and day forever.

(Written in honor of a night before a snow day. We're getting blanketed by a big snowstorm in the northeastern U.S.)


the walking man said...

Yes turn over and pull the duvet back to at least your chin.

One thing though
"Except for the plows rumbling. First a mile away, then thundering by with their scraping booms."

Do they really sound like that? We haven't had plows in Detroit for at least thirty years...I suppose the administrations don't want to ruin our sleep.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Yes, yes... Pull 'em up and sleep in. Nothing like sleeping throughout the day in chilly winters. Though "a big snowstorm" seems way more chilled than I prefer. :-D

On the hypothetic brighter side... Enjoy some family time! :-D

Sarah Hina said...

I hope it's a warm, dreamy snowday for all! With small and big hands cupped around that cocoa. :)

Sounds like a day to swim in, indeed, where time is powerless and sleep stretches wide.

Ello said...

I wish I could stay in bed all day! I love that photo by the way!

I hope you all are staying warm today!

SzélsőFa said...

I know of people who can sleep away, but that's not me. Whenever it's dawn the bed kicks me out.
It does not mean I did not or can not enjoy pieces like this, though.
Have a warm stay-inside day if that's your desire :)

Jennifer said...

Jason, this is perfect. We are supposed to get 12-14 inches by the time this is over today. After playing outside in 60 degree weather on Friday, I was having a hard time feeling anything good about this storm, but your prose changed that, at least a bit. :)

Meghan said...

I like how you used the storm as a source of inspiration. I think my favorite line is "I lay in the embrace of blankets" It makes me wish I was back in bed!

Aine said...

Thanks for adding extra warmth to a snuggly day.

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, Aniket, Sarah, Ello, Szelsofa, Jennifer, and Meghan, I needed my own words today. And your warm thoughts. I guess sometimes you can leave work, but work won't leave you. It was difficult trying to stay on top of people who seemingly have no use for a sleepy day.

Aine, thanks for trying to make it more cozy. Even with the crazy people calling. ;)

Chris Eldin said...

Snow pic! Snow pic!!!


Love "wide spaces between pillows and dawn." Very nice poem!

Geraldine said...

Oh what a lovely, cozy read Jason. Loved it!

Snow days (and nights) rock!;<)

Hugs, G

Anonymous said...

Chris, it's the cold kind of crunchy snow. Too cold.

Geraldine, thanks! Snow days can be such a nice break.

Vesper said...

That lovely warmth permeates every word... What a perfect (idealised) day... :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Vesper. :)