Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Morning has broken
Cat Stevens sang
Who is now Yusuf Islam
Thank god the Earth
Is less changeable
Than religion
Because once in a while
The first morning dawns
And the air is as pure
As prehistoric forests
When no foot had formed
To walk among them

(Click HERE for Cat Stevens singing Morning Has Broken.)


Margaret said...

Another brilliant pic Jason!

And a beautiful verse to go with it.
Morning has broken always reminds me of my Granny, it was her favouite song.
To me, there's nothing more beautiful than the early morning dawn when the air is so pure.

Reading over your lines and looking at the pic of the young buds opening up opens up my heart to a new day. Beautiful!

Aniket said...

"the air is as pure
As prehistoric forests
When no foot had formed
To walk among them"

A bliss indeed. Beautifully written Jason. The craving for something unadulterated and pure prevails throughout the piece, including the pic.

Karen said...

Bravo on form, message, and photo! Because, after all...

"The first morning dawns
And the air is as pure
As prehistoric forests".


Little Girl Lost said...

"Thank god the Earth
Is less changeable
Than religion"

beautiful lines Jason. gives me a lot to think about :)

the walking man said...

Cat Stevens was the first show I had ever seen way back when...This piece of writing turned out better than that date.

Catvibe said...

I hated when Cat Stevens decided that singing was evil and all his songs were evil. I always loved that song.
The morning you have described is so much more sublime than any religion. I am now going to go out there into my god of a morning and finish making garden beds for all my little religious Saints of blue and orange flowering plants that need to be put in the earth and blessed with holy water.

Sarah Hina said...

Those transparent leaves are shockingly beautiful. Like the glowing feathers of day against the falling dawn.

The constant essence of Earth, still unspoiled by Man. That's worth singing, and writing, about. Lovely poem, with such a wry, smiling twist.

I thank god for it, too. ;)

deepazartz said...

Hi Jason
Exquisite lines...& an equally exquisite pic:)
I have always heard your name mentioned in Aniket's blog & with today's post of his, I thought of checking it out.
Yous short fiction contest is quite famous.

deepazartz said...

'YOUR short fiction contest'...sorry for the mistake.

Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice. I love those kinds of mornings.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Morning Has Broken, has always been one of my favorites. My husband and I used to listen to Teaser and the Firecat album (8 track) on our road trips - we still sing that song on trips today.

Your photo is so pretty - like leaf twins and so clear I can see the tiniest of "hairs" on them.

I wish we could be transported back in time to prehistoric earth, if only for a moment, to see what it would be like to breath in pure fresh air. I wonder what it would be like?

Thanks for the images.

Anonymous said...

Margaret, beautiful words! Thank you. :) I really like this picture too, although technically, I wish I captured a bit more in focus. However, I was rushed. I did a quick photo run 10 minutes before leaving for my train!

Aniket, the craving for purity...yes, such a strong desire. Let us know the moments you find it.

Karen, I have to say, I love how this lens renders the out of focus portions. It turned a busy background into simple, beautiful colors.

Little Girl Lost, the more we think, the better off we are. ;) Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts!

Walking Man, that's cool! I was a little tyke when the linked video was filmed. Sorry that the date tanked!

Catvibe, you were beautifully inspired. :) And I'm with you completely. For Cat Steven (erm, Yusuf) to turn his back on his songs is like amputating part of himself. Any dogma that drives you to do that cannot be healthy.

Sarah, you know that twist well. ;) This post represents me going back to my approach of letting the photo do the talking. The image stunned me too, and I knew something was going to whisper from it. All I had to do was listen. :) I like the way you encapsulated these thoughts, and the "constant essence of the Earth."

Deepazartz, I owe Aniket much for being such a wonder community builder. Thank you for stopping here and resting a bit on these words!

Charles, we need more of them.

Kaye, I've thought similar things about going back. What an unbelievable gift that would be. To see the world covered in the first forests during the Devonian period. And thank for your thoughts on the song! It's bittersweet for me. When I was young, my 19 year old cousin died accidentally. She loved this song, and it was played at her funeral.

Aniket said...

The honest laughter of a baby and when my mom gives a hug. That's all I can think of at the moment when I truly see any purity.

Occasionally, a clear night sky gives the same feeling too.

Meghan said...

And the air is as pure
As prehistoric forests

Lovely words to go with a lovely picture.

Aine said...

That song takes me back to jr. high-- we sang it in chorus.

And your words form such a nice connection of thoughts. Thoughts that you could've pulled from my head. If you can build us a time machine, I'll go back with you and we can form the first footsteps.

Anonymous said...

Aniket, good moments.

Meghan, thank you!

Aine, now that sounds like perfect motivation to invent a time machine. :) I'll get to work. Let's go!

SzélsőFa said...

The ending is a powerful picture of an ultimate beauty.
For some, this is true religion.