Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun Friday

Between the final sprint on my novel and a total virus takeover of our desktop computer (luckily we didn't lose too much on the restore), I'm going with another fun, kick-back-and-relax post!!

The game today is LOVE/HATE. In your comments, tell us something you love. Then, tell us something you hate.

Give us a peek into what makes you tick!


the walking man said...

Hate, detest, loathe, abhor:Political Correctness. The need others have to try to dictate the morays and language of a society driving the true feelings of that society deeper into the darkness to lie undiscovered, un-discussed and, unchanged.

Love: Truth, objective truth. That quality of an object or thought that relates to all mankind in the same way regardless of mankind feeling about it. God for example.
And my old lady...I love her too.

Catvibe said...

What walking man said is so profoundly right on that I'm having a hard time coming up with something mundane to follow it. But here goes,
I love bees. Bees are amazing creatures in all of their forms. I've always had a good relationship with them, they come up to me in the garden and stare at my face for a goodly long time and watch what I am doing, and then they'll get into a flower right where I am working. They trust me. They are responsible for life on earth, without them we would be in deep trouble, I love bees.

I hate yellow jackets. Last fall I was taking my walk in the forest when my friends dog came upon a nest. They all came out and surrounded us and tho we were running as fast as we could, we all got stung, three people, two dogs. I got two giant stings right on my ass that itched and hurt for days. Not fond of yellow jackets, nope.

Little Girl Lost said...

i loved the way wet earth felt on my tongue and the way it filled up my sense of smell and taste as i chewed it slowly, softly, each mouthful bringing me closer to an explosion of taste that always eluded me in the end. this was a few years ago, before my folks put me into counselling and forced me to give it up. god i miss eating earth.

i hate lizards. i hate them actively, not merely dislike them. i hate them with a hate that's mixed with fear. they just sit and stare at you for ever so long, and you can never predict when they'll jump at you. they are there. and THEY ARE WATCHING.

Catvibe said...


Whirlochre said...

Love bats, hate bananas.

Margaret said...

I love blogging! Never even knew it existed this time last year. Now it's a big part of my life. Just love communicating with others in this way, making friends with people I'd never meet otherwise.

I hate smalltalk! Find it such a waste of precious time. Always think about the things I could be doing instead of listening to needless conversation.

Anonymous said...

Love: The way the world closes in at night. You might be the only person in the world. And the person you're with.

Hate: Loud, confusing, obnoxious noise.

Dottie said...

Love: Postcards with foreign stamps.

Hate: Ambivalence and fake crab meat.

Kaycie said...

I love lazy, warm spring days.

I hate pettiness.

Karen said...

Love - September - bluest skies, clearest air, mildest temperatures, still-green hills, school starts: new beginnings

Hate - Enclosed places - tiny closets, narrow stairwells, MRI's

Anonymous said...

Love: Spicy hot food.

Hate: Spicy hot food later. Especially post-digestion.

Sarah Hina said...

I love the feel of the wind running over my face when I'm riding my bike down a hill, and I close my eyes.

I hate pointless conflict. When I'm in its midst, it feels like lactic acid is pumping through my heart.

Melissa said..., red nail polish and a person who loves honestly with playing games

Hate...Chocolate, people who can't be themselves and talking for the sake of conversation.

Hey, I was wondering, can posting parts of a book you are working on hurt your chances of getting published??

Charles Gramlich said...

I love chicken in all it's near infinite forms.

I hate the idiots on my narrow country road that just "won't" drive the speed limit.

Catvibe said...

Love: My cat licking my forehead at 2 in the morning, SO CUTE.

Hate: Any other creature that wakes me up at 2 in the morning, for any reason.

Aniket said...

Sorry that I'm late to the party. These people have blocked gmail and google reader in office. :( :(

So have to catch up with all at night now.

Love: The idea of being in love. That can't-wait-to-see-her-again and desperate-to-hear-her-voice-again feeling.

Hate: Two faced people. I tend to avoid saying bad things to people on their face too. But I don't go and try and friends with people I don't like either.

I detest people who hate the ground you walk on but would still pretend be your friend and keep a fake smile on their face.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Love - the natural world and all the wonders that lie therein

Hate - when people don't use, or have, good manners

Woman in a Window said...

Love the way a walk can make me feel alive, long sleeves over fingers, smooth skin, a bird call in the night, the moon, chocolate, the written word.

Hate judgement.

(Love farting. Hate getting caught.)

Wordtryst - Liane Spicer said...

Love: The tiny waterfall in the forest near my home. Hiked up there this week with my son for a heart to heart talk and it was a soul-refresher, nothing but the cool clean air, water sounds, a circle of sky above and trees all around. Rocks. A single baby kingfisher.

Hate: Insincere people. Yes, the smile-at-you-stab-your-back crew.

Milly said...

Love the little rambunctious old folks

Hate those who don’t treasure them and the walk that made us who we are.. . .and show us who we can be.

bluesugarpoet said...

Love, love, love the ocean

hate, mixed with fear, the thought of drowning in it. i don't know that i will ever go on a cruise

Aniket said...

Happy 17th Anniversary Jason!

Best wishes to you and Aine. :)

Aniket said...

Love: Love you both guys

Hate: Not today! At this very moment in life I don't hate anything. :D

the walking man said...

Love the scent of Lilacs carried through the window on an easy breeze.

Hate the stink of overly ripe intellectual bullshit from them who know the words but not the spirit behind them.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I love cold cereal in the morning; I hate lumpy oatmeal.

I love having my privacy; I hate being alone.

I love having money; I hate greedy people.

I love writing fiction; I hate the torturous process that goes into it.

SzélsőFa said...

I love the taste of a really bitter salad. I love the smell of lilac.
I love being loved yet I love being alone.
I hate the feeling of loosing control. I hate when I don't understand. I hate stupidity. I hate hatred.

Margaret said...

Love: Fresh fruit.

Hate: Milk on its own.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, everyone, for a great game!

Melissa, you asked a question about putting portions of a novel online and whether that would be a problem from a publishing standpoint. Putting material online constitutes "publishing," and publishers want to be the first to publish a work. Therefore, if you post all or substantially all of your novel, that could be a problem (like if you wrote it as a serial blog post). However, you could take the material down before submitting, and unless your blog is wildly popular, it should be fine. Excerpts aren't a problem, because it doesn't compete with the overall work.

Anonymous said...

Love to love.
Hate to hate.