Wednesday, May 27, 2009


(From the Philadelphia Art Museum)

He watched her in conversations and candlelight.

Wine blended the colors. The quiet laughter and velvet room. His mind's fingertips painted glorious portraits of her skin, and he shivered with the scent of pigments.

The long line of her legs cut though the dress, and dark waves of hair fell on her white-petaled neck. She moved when he moved. Eyes ignited. A dance of glances and fluidity.

When they wrapped the cool shawl of night around them, new conversations of starlight and breeze tasted them. He drew to the moonlight in her throat, and her arms crushed him breathlessness. He drank her heat and yearned for the sculpture of her waist. The sighing trail of her thigh. They carried the shadows to their room and let fall the pretexts that clothed them.

He fed on her, open and animal. She encircled him, arched and gasping.

They pulsed the nectar of their religion and cried incantations to gods and each other's name.

They sacrificed every preciousness.

And drowsed to their confessions of need.


Linda S. Socha said...

Oh MY. Yes. You are so wonderfully intense in your writing. I am still in recovery from the S creature but now I am comfortable here.:>). I love your visual captures with words Jason

Excellent post

Little Girl Lost said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!
orgasmic is what comes to mind... jason, you make love to words. you carress them and play with them and they purr at you...

the walking man said...

It is good to see Eros take flight within this scene. You seem to have written a proper context for lust.

Karen said...

My, it's warm in here...

Shadow said...

this is so sensual and openly wanting, i love it!

Vesper said...

His mind's fingertips painted glorious portraits of her skin, and he shivered with the scent of pigments.A beautiful piece, Jason, matched perfectly with the painting...

Margaret said...

"They sacrificed every preciousness.

And drowsed in their confessions of need."

These two lines sum up the entire sensuality of two bodies becoming one.

Breathlessly erotic!

Aine said...

Wine blended the colors.Don't I know it...

This gives me a heavy, Victorian feel. A midsummer dream perhaps.

Catvibe said...

Um...yum? Good use of artistic metaphors there Jason. ;-)

Aniket said...

I just posted a comment. Wonder where it went?

Well the whole post has been re-written in the comments section. It is THAT good.

Its certainly warm in here. :P

Loved it.

Sarah Hina said...

Stepping into the canvas, and in the joining, becoming more sacred than any painting that came before.

I, too, appreciated the artistic and religious metaphors here. It was sublimely intense, yet touching in its openness and giving.

They carried the shadows to their room and let fall the pretexts that clothed them.Beautiful. :)

Ello said...

Wow! what else can I say? You always take my breath away.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

This is enticing and beguiling - and wonderfully salacious.

"His mind's fingertips painted glorious portraits of her skin, and he shivered with the scent of pigments."

Fine and precise - almost otherworldly.

Anonymous said...

Linda, this is a much more inviting place than the reptile we won't mention. ;) Thanks!

Little Girl Lost, wow! I'm very flattered by that praise. :) Thank you!!

Walking Man, I do like to walk these paths now and again.

Karen, I do declare! :)

Shadow, thank you for embracing its passions!

Vesper, that painting is so striking. The mood and color and wetness captivate me.

Margaret, the convergence of the carnal and the sublime.

Aine, did you have any particular wine in mind? ;) It did more than blend my colors!

Catvibe, yum is what I was going for. ;)

Aniket, I hate when blogger is ornery with comments! Thanks for putting in another! And thanks for the kind words!!

Sarah, joining the painting...I like that! This piece does not have the tight reality I usually shoot for. It IS heavier, more stylized. Like the thick paint laid by a palette knife. Yet, the beauty of the joining is unhindered.

Ello, breathe, breathe. ;) Great to see you!!

Kaye, almost otherwordly...I like that! This kind of desire can be like that. Something far more primal than we can control or quite understand.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Mind blowing!! Amazingly intense..Loved it!

Linda S. Socha said...

Your comments are almost as much fun as your post!
I definitly think writing is your forte

Geraldine said...

What a sexy, romantic guy you are Jason! Yummmmm....

Karirose said...

Your words paint beautifully perfect images. Lovely.

Woman in a Window said...

I'll have what they're having
and then dessert.

Anonymous said...

Tongue-fu Lady, makes you want to have a night out on the town!

Linda, thank you! Comments are definitely part of the fun.

Geraldine, :)

Karirose, welcome! Great to see you here! Glad you enjoyed this dose of early summer heat.

Woman in the Window, I assume that dessert will be shared. Two spoons coming up!

Barbara Martin said...

Wonderful romantic prose. Bravo!