Friday, June 26, 2009

Black Window

I saw a black reflection
in un-illumined glass
flat without glare
from a sun-encumbered sky
It framed the presence
I'd always suspected
in the moment before I turned
but never dared to spy
I walked under stone
and buttresses
uneasy for a room
where the living
might ache to shatter
invite me into swimming dust
and laugh nervously
about how easily we die


Linda S. Socha said...

Fantastic! This is one I wish I could discuss with you

Charles Gramlich said...

Extremely nice. I like this one a lot.

aditi said...

This is one peice of work that may haunt. The pic you attached is so apt, even familiar in a way.
I like!

Shadow said...

this is spooky. raised the hairs at the back of my neck...

the walking man said...

It has ever been thus. The reflection of the image bringing on the nervousness over seeing the inevitability of our demise there.

It is only in the health of youth that there is no confrontational thoughts of mortality which is why they die easiest and hardest all at the same time.

Catvibe said...

I was just watching Michael Jackson's Thriller, and I must say this makes me think of that, or shadows of that.

Meghan said...

"invite me into swimming dust"

Ooohh, love that!

Anonymous said...

Linda, much appreciated! This one was sparked when I was walking in the city and looked up at a high, odd Victorian window.

Charles, thanks!

Aditi, this photo really shows the wonderful opportunities with Photoshop. The original was taken by streetlights at night. It's not good. But this image is haunting indeed.

Shadow, it's like that. A living ghost.

Walking Man, so very true. Moreover, we can die in many ways that don't end our bodies.

Catvibe, I bet there were many pieces of Michael Jackson desiccating in a room like this one.

Meghan, :)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Very unsettling. The picture sets the tone for the uneasiness here. Looks like great spectral images overtaking the house and yard.

"...It framed the presence
I'd always suspected.."

That is terrifying- to actually SEE the evil thing you have imagined being there all along.

- then the last line gives me chills. Great work.

Margaret said...

The photo is really eerie Jason. Just like something out of a horror movie.

Your lines send a shiver through me. Refects just how vulnerable we actually are.

Anonymous said...

Kaye, you're right. To suspect something is there is not nearly as bad as actually stopping, taking a look, and seeing it.

Margaret, vulnerabilities abound. That's the sense scraping at the edges of this vision.

Woman in a Window said...

Perfect sense of mood established and married perfectly with that photo, although you didn't need a photo. You conveyed it so well.

Little Girl Lost said...

very chilling, jason... very very hair raising...
come read my poem :)

SzélsőFa said...

it makes the reader feel uneasy, and leaves him thinking... nice poem.
I'm sorry for my absence of are at home, I'm getting lazy by the day...