Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Don't Feed the Animals

I'll give you some peanuts
The animals are funny when they chew
But if my hands release the gate
The fangs will feast on you


Linda S. Socha said...

I really need to come to this blog in the light of day!:>)

Great photo

Shadow said...


Catvibe said...

I love the photo. You can see all the colors and lines in her eyes so vividly.

In regards to the poem, gee, I know the feeling! Don't let that predator out now!

Catvibe said...

I mean 'eye' singular. D'oh!

Aine said...

Remind me to never make you angry... I'd like that gate to stay closed.

Gerry Boyd said...

Good humor and perfect meter. Bravo!

Bebo said...

What a calculating look in that predator's eye! And please leave the gate firmly closed!

Aniket said...

Great pic! Looks like the Eye of the Dragon. Awesome!

The great seal shall break one day and the beast would be unleashed.

You know anyone who watches "Naruto" would be sooooo able to relate your pic and poem to the Nine-tailed fox. Am a big fan!

Charles Gramlich said...

Cat people!

the walking man said...

Being in a singularly foul mood of late I say release the catch on the gate and loose the beast; I need my dinner.

Karen said...

I'm reminded of the old tale of the lady who took in a snake to warm him by the fire. When he was well again, to her dismay, he bit her. When she expressed her sadness at this, he answered, "You knew I was a snake before you took me in."

To sound cliche and mix my metaphors, we don't change our spots.

Anonymous said...

Linda, it's okay. It's safe. :)

Shadow, thanks. :)

Catvibe, the cat barely cooperated for these photos. She's much more comfortable with us now. It would probably be easier.

Aine, I don't blame you. ;)

Gerry, sometimes laughing at little at anger helps.

Bebo, the predator is formidible. If you have a lock on you, click that gate shut!

Aniket, I think I've seen some glimpses of Naruto. Maybe I can find something on Youtube.

Charles, purrrrrrrr.

Walking Man, amen, brother.

Karen, that's really an excellent reminder.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha! Very funny, you. Purrrrrrrrrrfect!

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

I liked that last line. A lot.

Woman in a Window said...

I hear the snarl
and pull my hand back.
I'll eat the peanuts!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

WoW!! Love that picture. Very clever verse to accompany the photo.

I knew a bonafide philosopher, who thought this line was highly hilarious. She heard it on the TV show Daktari. (sp may be wrong)

"Some one left the cage open and the orangutan is gone!"

I had to think about it for 30 years or so.

Karirose said...

Gotta love the quick and to the point! As mentioned previously, the picture is perfect with your delightful verse.

Anonymous said...

SarahA, the poem is happy. It's brushing by your leg.

EOH, me too. :)

Woman in the Window, that's probably safest of all!

Kaye, you can thank the cat for the picture. :) As for the line, is there something buried in there? Am I going to have to look for 30 years too?

Anonymous said...

Karirose, sometimes that the best blog style!

SzélsőFa said...

I'm right in the middle of dealing with one of the beasts. A very tricky one here.

Fine combination of photo and poetry... as always, Jason