Friday, November 13, 2009

Tuck Me on the Eastern Side

tuck me on mountains
memorials to the climb
I will bed the dawn


Shadow said...

may i come pleeez

Margaret said...

A wonderful haiku Jason.

Together with the beautiful photo, it just left me mesmerized.

Vesper said...

I will bed the dawn - lovely, on a mountain...
And the photo... how rich it is...

the walking man said...

I will rise alone
from mountains dark nighttime bed.
leave you the warm sheets

Mona said...

LOL@ walking man's retort!

I like the haiku :)

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I'm sure we can find a mountain for you.

Margaret, thank you! I took this photo (and others) through the windshield of the car as I drove to a speaking engagement in Pittsburgh. The morning sun had broken through the clouds behind me.

Vesper, on a mountain...very true. Aine can vouch. ;)

Walking Man, perhaps the warmth is your gift.

Mona, I like Walking Man's continuation too.

staceyjwarner said...

a wonderful use of words and great picture.

much love

Jean said...

Are you illustrating the photo or does the photo illustrate your words?
Both beautiful together.

Nevine said...

This brings back memories of a mountain climb I went on several years ago. I climbed Mount Moses only so I could watch the sun rise amidst the open rawness of mountains and crags and desert. It was such an experience I repeated it five times. That's a lovely photo, and "tuck me on mountains" says it all for me.

Amias said...

Oh my goodness, such poetic words. "I will bed the dawn", how original!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I love when the mountains look like this - dark sky, mist rising, sun dappling the treetops. Your words intone here - like a chant.

Karen said...

"tuck me on the mountains" - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Woman in a Window said...

Oh Jason, suddenly I felt so large, expansive, and it didn't matter that at that girth my breasts rolled off me. All earth I became.

Apparently I'm very receptive to suggestion this morning. Gorgeous photo to accompany such few words that hold such vast potential.

Akasha Savage said...

That was lovely Jason. I love misty mountains. The words fitted the picture perfectly. :)

Anonymous said...

Stacey, much appreciated. :)

Jean, I hope they are equal parts. Each would be less without the other.

Nevine, that's a beautiful memory. I like making the effort to see and feel things like that morning. Thanks for sharing the experience. :)

Amias, thanks. :)

Kaye, I think it's cool that you know these mountains well.

Karen, I could use the rest.

Erin, thanks for embracing this so strongly. I felt the hugeness in your words.

Akasha, I was in the north this weekend. The mists were rolling through.

A misinterpreted wave said...

powerful, evocative.

PixieDust said...

A complete journey in three verses - brilliant!