Friday, August 27, 2010

Game Friday: Brain Blossoms

How long has it been since we had some fun on a Game Friday?? Geez, I must be getting lame or something. My apologies. :) Let's remedy that, shall we?

This one is old and unoriginal, but it's one of my favorites. In fact, I do a version of it all the time in conversations. If we are given a prompt, a stimulus, what "random" connection sparks through our brains to bounce out a response? Yes, I'm talking about word association. The game that gives little glimpses into the vastness that populates our brains.

Here's how to play.

Clear your mind. Nice and squeaky.

Then, look at the word in the last comment to this post. What is the very first thing (word) that jumps into your cleared mind. Leave that word as a new comment. The next person will then use your word as his or her prompt.

Got it? Like I say dog, and you say Snausages.

I will leave the first word.

Let's see where our mysterious minds take us.