Friday, August 20, 2010


Try, said the mouse
     to the fly
Can't, said the fly
     to the ant
Please, said the ant
     to the cheese
Snap, said the cheese
     to the trap


Cloudia said...

Cool little poem.

Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral

Erratic Thoughts said...

Very cute and smooth!
Nice poem:)

SzélsőFa said...

i wonder whether the trap said 'nom' to the mouse... ;)
a lovely poem.
i also wonder if the photo was made with that movement-sensitive camera?

Jinksy said...

That just about wraps the picture up!

Raj said...


the walking man said...

Smart mouse unless of course the fly was smarter.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Ouch! Went much like Kimya Dawson's - Tree Hugger. Love that song and this piece.

Anonymous said...

Cloudia, thanks!

Erratic Thoughts, a fun one.

Szelsofa, this photo was actually taken live by hand. We were walking in the forest, and this little guy scurried. We caught him peeking through the weeds.

Jinksy, pretty much. :)

Raj, much appreciated.

Walking Man, yes, the mouse had the right idea. I guess the ant was dupe.

Aniket, with a picture like this one, I had to do something light! Yet, I still buried some musings in there. Just can't help myself.

Bhaswati said...

Delightful, Jason! The story of life, isn't it?

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Loved the rhythm for this. Quick, but smooth.

Atrisa said...

Hahaha so cute :D Was like Animal Planet in my head.

Vesper said...

I hope he escaped... :-)
The photo is perfect - the mouse's shyness and fragility is all in there...

I'm so glad you decided to go on with the blog, Jason! It would be hard to imagine the blogosphere without the Clarity of Night.

Anonymous said...

Bhaswati, all too often. :)

Oddyoddy13, I thought that feel would be just the thing to tie it together.

Atrisa, if we could work a predator in, we'd really have the call of the wild!

Vesper, that's very sweet of you to say. :) Thanks, my friend. I hope you've been well.