Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hallways linger
Not beholden to night
Heed the prickling whispers
As you race between the lights

**The "Two Lights" Short Fiction Contest is now closed.**

First, my friends, let me say that I've been humbled by your response. Amazing writing, amazing comments, and amazing creativity! From one sliver of time captured in an image, we saw the explosion of different approaches, writing styles, voices, perspectives, and ideas. I've learned from what I've seen here. I'm sure you have too. Thank you for making this contest a raging success.

Tomorrow around 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time-U.S., I will announce the winners (please note I moved the time earlier). I will also say a bit about how I judged the entries. Be assured, though, that every piece demonstrated skill and power.

For all of you who are new to The Clarity of Night, I hope you will stick around! If something in the mood of these photographs spoke to you, if twilight is a time you treasure like no other, you may find this to be a cozy spot for reflection. I also invite you to browse the "Finding Your Way in the Night" index to the right and check out some of my own writing, expecially my latest short story, Diamond Shoals.

Lastly, look for future contests! I will be sponsoring them every couple of months. And if the number of entries matches this one, I will be sure to increase the number and amount of prizes!

Have a good night. See you all tomorrow!



Melissa Amateis said...

I think this was just a marvelous idea, Jason. I hope to enter one of your future contests. It just didn't work out this time around, but next time, I look forward to contributing. :-)

Bernita said...

You must be extraordinarily pleased, Jason.
That hallway picture - the endless doorways beyond illusion is wonderful.

Scott said...

Thanks for sponsoring the contest Jason. It was just the spark I needed to start writing again. And what a boon to your hit count, huh?

Jaye Wells said...

Thanks, Jason. With so many great entries, you defintiely have your work cutout for you. And thanks to everyone who entered, I really enjoyed all the stories.


Anonymous said...

Melissa, there will definitely be future contests. I missed you on this one, but I understand life makes its own demands.

Bernita, beyond my wildest hopes! So many brilliant entries. And each day I got web traffic that I usually see over an entire month.

Scott, you're very welcome! I won't lie. It was a ton a work. But well worth it!! I can't wait for the next one.

Jaye, I did myself a huge favor and scored the entries as they came in. That way I could make the final selections without being crushed. Thanks for entering!

Ann Marie Simard said...

Hi there Jason and all readers! And congratulations for a contest that drew so many participants. Mine is still open at poetic justice if you do not mind... I hope somebody will participate. I may move the deadline again further in the future.

Thanks again Jason.

Ann Marie

anne said...

Didn't you feel like writing your own take on the picture, Jason? 'Cause surely I'm not the only one who'd like to read it... :)

Anonymous said...

I am simply amazed at all the wonderful takes on the picture. And am humbled to be included among such great writers. Thanks for running the contest, Jason.

Unknown said...

LOVED the contest idea! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Ann Marie, I will definitely enter! Glad you extended the deadline. ;)

Anne, I've been asked a couple of times. If I can clear my head in the next day or so (I think I dreamed about some of the stories), I think I'll give it go.

Sandra, you're very welcome! Thanks so much for being first. You got everything off the ground!

Robin, much appreciated. :)

AngelConradie said...

i'm so sorry i missed it! i'm going to be reading the entries though- and i so hope to manage to enter your future competitions.

Anonymous said...

Angel, I'll be looking for you on the next one!