Monday, March 05, 2007

The Passions of Bryn: Requiem II

So, I've introduced you to Bryn, a vampire tortured by the extreme pleasure of killing the men she loves. The first installment of this series was "Winter Wind." Then, we followed Bryn to the theater where she was about to be treated to a performance of Mozart's Requiem mass.

Now, I'd like to share with you something special. I wanted to push the boundaries this time, and even though it was a hideous amount of work for 6 1/2 minutes of this dark world, it was worth it.

Come out of the cold and sit a while with Bryn. I hope you enjoy your stay.

On to The Passions of Bryn: Dreams.


S. Kearney said...

Very effective, Jason. That music is just so beautiful! And match that with great writing! I like the simple black and white here as well, and the odd movement for effect! :)

anne said...

That's really something, well done!

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Dear Jason,

You really are so creative, my friend. Your script literally alights with fire in that hungry blood-thirsty way...tee-hee! You should be writing screenplays and making films. :-)

But I don't want to sit with a

billie said...

I love how the video controlled the pace, thwarting my penchant for reading fast to get to the next lines. It would be interesting to read the text on its own, to see if the images are the same when I'm going at my regular breakneck reading speed - but as it was, this gave me those extra moments of seeing the action, almost like a slide show in my own head. A photographic effect, if you will.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

very nice, jason!

Jaye Wells said...

Wow! Jason, this reminded me of a silent movie, except instead of images your words painted the picture. It's obvious you controlled the pacing of everything very carefully, which added to the overall effect. Can't wait to read/see the next installment.

mermaid said...

The music leaves them, but it seeps into her, and becomes her blood. I almost think it has also saturated you. This piece is so deep in its eeriness and sensuality. I'm still wet with its weight long after.

I'm also wondering why she let him live. Maybe there is a part of her that still seeks beauty in the living.

Terri said...

Wow. Rest assured the result is well worth the work put in. It was like watching a movie - beautifully paced and achingly beautiful.
See? Vampires are people too ;)

Anonymous said...

Jason, that was extremely effective.

I loved how you controlled the pacing of the whole thing. Deliciously tantalising.

The impact with the music was especially good. It almost felt like a trailer for a film, hooking you in wanting to know more.

Very clever and very creative.

Anonymous said...


The white text on the black background was very effective and draws you in. That combined with the pacing and music, it's almost as if you are there in that darkened theatre or concert hall.

Well done again, Jason. I'll be looking forward to the next installment.

kcterrilynn said...

However much time it took to put together was absolutely worth it. Loved it.

anna said...

Boo Hoo I wonder if i shall ever get out of the dark ages and get a fast enough connection.
Just wanted to let you know I stopped by.

Anonymous said...

Chilling, Jaon, and an intriguing figure, this man she meets.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Wow, Jason, this is cool! Music with storytelling--very effective!

Anonymous said...

"Bravo!" You created a sensuous and intense scene. Perfect pairing of words and music, building to a crescendo perfectly arousing!
Love the velvet feel -


Anonymous said...

Shameless, thanks so much! I have to admit that most of the impact here I owe to Mr. Mozart. What an amazing piece of music. Fitting my story to the precise phrasing of the selections was the hardest part.

Anne, much appreciated, my friend. :)

Susan, I'd LOVE to make films! So much energy there to use to craft emotions. In a small way, I got to explore that process here. Because the theater was dark, the black screen was almost like sitting with Bryn and hearing her thoughts.

Billie, re the pacing, so true! I often try to control the reader's pace with sentence structure, spacing, paragraph breaks, etc. It was wonderful to have total control to show this world in the way I envisioned it.

Anne, thanks. :)

Jaye, the tie between the music and story/words affect me more than anything else I've done. The emotional energy of the music was such an amazing tool.

Anonymous said...

Mermaid, what wonderful insights! Truly. Yes, this music has seeped into me quite deeply. Some of my emotions are reflected here. As for letting him live, that is her curse. The more she loves, the more she yearns for the kill. These characters have only just begun.

Terri, I love the "achingly beautiful" comment. If just one person felt that, it was more than worth it.

Susan, yes! In a way, the black background IS the image, because the theather is dark. Also, it begins with her eyes closed. As for the white text, I have a confession to make. It was originally deep red. However, the YouTube compression smeared the heck out of it, and I had to change it to something clearer. That little adjustment (and text size) kept me up to 1:45 a.m. last night.

KC, thanks for sharing it with me!

Anna, oh no! I do remember that issue with a few folks. I wish you could see it. :(

Jim, we'll be seeing of more of him. ;)

Kelly, thanks. :) It has a strange effect, doesn't it? In a weird way, it does feel like images.

Kaye, "velvet feel...." What a great description! I knew you would feel what I was trying to build here. Thanks, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Amin, great see you! It's always a treat to see a new face.

Constructing that marriage in pacing was the most fun, but also the most challenging. Often, I had to alter the story to fit the drama of the music. When you add in decisions about how much time each bit of text got to be on the screen, it became a bit complex.

Glad you enjoyed it!

apprentice said...

Great piece of work, your timing is immaculate on text changes. It has a great Gothic feel to it.

Brava !!!

jenn said...


Nice. Very nice.

Joni said...

I loved the parallels between the text and the music. That was great feat of literary engineering. Superb work, Jason.

Anonymous said...

Apprentice, thanks! I'm glad the timing works. It was sharper in its raw form, but all the compression it goes through pushed it around a little.

Jenn, thanks! I appreciate the comment. :)

Joni, much appreciated. I really enjoyed marrying the two.