Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Entry #76

The Knowledge
by Karen Philpott

Barefoot, I run from the warmth of the bonfire party. I do love my clumpy, platform boots, but I also love to feel the freedom without them. I glance over my shoulder as I leave my family and reach the edge of the woods; I know Spike will follow me. How could he not?

From the corner of my eye I see the moonlight reflecting off a white rock and I quickly shrug off my biker jacket, flinging it down on to it, so Spike will know which way I’ve gone this time.

Behind me now in the distance, the fireworks electrify the air with their sparking and fizzing. As I make my way to ‘our place’ the brambles snap at my leather mini-skirt and fishnet leggings, but I laugh, out loud. I don’t care as Spike will soon take them all off me, anyway.

I shiver, deliciously, but then find myself blushing. Like a little girl, I’ve only allowed him to kiss me and feel me up so far, and not gone all the way.

It is a bit creepy in the dark, so I stop to get my bearings. The shadows begin to make sense and I move on more easily.

If I allow him to make me a woman tonight, we will be together forever, he told me. And, when I’m sixteen, he will leave his wife. And Spike will marry me.


Hoodie said...

I like the mixture of innocence and rebellion. A convoluted story that flows very well. Very nice job. Emotionally powerful.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a sucker for good pacing, and this has it.

Unknown said...

What an emotionally strong story - I love the way you've captured innnocence through misguided rebellion. Well done.

AngelConradie said...

wonderful! i love the emotional mixture!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Katherine said :D Well done!!


briliantdonkey said...

Nice job. Makes me wonder how long she will end up playing the 'if I (fill in the blank here) he will leave her and love me forever' game. A long time I am afraid.


Anonymous said...

I'm #37 and wrote about virginity as well. Mine has the girl actually losing her virginity.

Spike made me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and since I love both, I really enjoyed this too.

Anonymous said...

great characterization - a neat story

tea and cake said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, I am glad you're enjoying it.

I'm still trying to read all the others. This is fun!

SzélsőFa said...

From the end of the first paragraph I kept worrying for the protagonist. She's misguided and so vulnerable. Well written - it does come trhough.

Anonymous said...

The naivete stings, because we know what her fate is. Of course, she must learn it herself. Well written.

High marks!