Friday, January 22, 2010


when i dissect the dark
i expose muscle
retract stress-cracked bones
biopsy the synapse clouds
of axons and dendrites misfired
i see the age
and degradation
when i dissect the dark
i see how I helped
to cook the thirsty chemicals
now contaminating me


the walking man said...

It is alone in the night with only your own thoughts for input when the mental self vivisection is most easily gone through.

Rachel Green said...

Fabulous images

Tabitha Bird said...

Congrats on that incredibly cool contest you ran. Loved reading those entries.

I am loving your words though. LOVING them!

Karen said...

"when i dissect the dark" is a great image in itself, but added to the rest of the medical imagery makes a powerful statement.

Do we ever stop dissecting ourselves?

Bernita said...

Really good layered and visceral lines, Jason!

Shadow said...

the dark does that, exposes the decay....

catvibe said...

It is like that isn't it?

Meghan said...

"I see how I helped
to cook the thirsty chemicals
now contaminating me."

There's something very evocative about that last line! *shivers*

Unknown said...

The human condition examined, loved the line 'to cook the thirsty chemicals now contaminating me'.

Dottie :)

word verification: lather

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, I find sharp instruments during lulls in the workday too.

Leathdykeuk, thanks!

Tabitha, it feels good to be writing again. :)

Karen, I've certainly been at it a long time. I guess I'll always do it.

Bernita, the poem itself is a vivisection.

Shadow, too bad excision doesn't seem to work.

Catvibe, I see you can relate.

Meghan, I suppose we often play a hand in our harms.

Dottie, yeah, the human body's wear and tear.

JaneyV said...

Self-reflection as a dissection - scientific, surgical, getting down to the bones of it - it works really well!

catvibe said...

Of course! Basic laws of karma. Seeing is important, but even more important is to go easy on one's self once one does see, like a gentle father to his child.

Nevine Sultan said...

We always see better when we "dissect the dark". Always.

Anonymous said...

JaneyV, I guess us former pre-meds can't help it. ;)

Catvibe, I think I'm slowly learning not to be so ruthless with myself. ...slowly.

Nevine, the real head-scratcher is figuring out what to do with the findings of the exploratory surgery.

Socially Awkward Paint Monster said...

Very Splanchnic, very gutty! XD

PixieDust said...

"dissect the dark" - that phrase alone is so powerfully visual!