Monday, February 14, 2011

Before the Breath

Love like cirrus clouds
piled deep with striations
lips melting new snow


Nevine Sultan said...

How simple the words... how complex the emotion. And the frost from the image both freezes and melts upon lips seeking love.

A beautiful piece!


PixieDust said...

The complexity of love laid bare in three verses... quite a feat... and beautifully accomplished...



Karen said...


the walking man said...

Get that cold snow close to warm lips and it has to melt.

Terri said...

Cool :)

I see you haven't lost your touch - both words and photo are lovely, as always. I've been scarce; thought I'd pop in for a quick hello. I hope you're well, Jason.

Anonymous said...

Nevine, the layers are stacked with the clouds. Like everything--clear enough on the surface, but nevertheless difficult to fathom. Thank you!

PixieDust, many thanks. :) I love that about haiku. So few syllables to work with, yet really enough to expose much.

Karen, :D

Walking Man, the secret weapon to the cold.

Terri, great to see you! I hope your writing is going well.