Monday, March 21, 2011


(Article Transcription)


Monday, May 7, 2042

Scientists have observed the third occurrence
of an unexplained phenomenon first measured
by amateur astronomers two months ago but
seen with the naked eye by many casual observers.
Although neural images hit the optic nets almost
as soon as the event was recorded, not much stir
has been generated in the wake of the celebrity
revo-pregnancy scandals. Dr. Moravian of Indo-
European College said, "What is most difficult
for the public to understand is precisely what is
puzzling the scientific community. When the
first galaxy suddenly became brighter than Venus
in the night sky, we believed some kind of galactic
destruction was being observed. However, when
the burst of energy ended, the galaxy returned to
its normal appearance.”

Vast Implications for Physics

Scientists and physicists have drawn a disturbing
conclusion from their observations. Dr. Allen,
Professor Emeritus of Physics from Clinton
University explains, “before this event, all scientific
observations and all theories involving speed and
distance have been based on the notion that the speed of
light is the fastest rate of travel possible. However,
we believe that some kind of super-phenomenon,
some kind of previously unknown destructive force,
has caused light to travel a distance in hours that
previously took billions of years to traverse. In
effect, we saw three entire galaxies destroyed,
like a live broadcast, but once the cataclysm ended,
the stream of slower, normal light from billions of
years ago kept coming. We went from seeing the
destruction now to seeing the galaxy the way it
was a billion years ago.

Dr. Allen likened the situation to a magneto-train.
You can get a message from the train station
letting you know that the train is coming, but you
have to wait an hour to get the other message
that the train is coming, namely see it racing
down the tracks.

Scientists have no explanation for what could
destroy an entire galaxy. They have noted that
the first galaxy was over two billion light years
away, the second was one and a half billion,
and the third was only one billion light
years away. Under normal circumstances,
scientists would deny that a destructive force
could have attacked one galaxy, then traversed
over a billion light years in two months to
annihilate two more. However, the discovery of
this “super energy” has thrown out centuries of
scientific thought in one moment. Some scientists
are anxiously awaiting another event, perhaps
closer. Some others are worried. Something,
they say, might be coming.


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds a bit like a SF story I read not long ago. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

Charles, cool!

Angie, I had fun playing with this form.

Lee said...

It does give you pause to wonder what may yet be discovered in our vast and ever changing universe.

PixieDust said...

Where's Orson Welles when you need him for a voice over? Great job, Jason.



Mona said...

then maybe we are already extinct from those galaxies point of view!

Anonymous said...

Lee, I'm sure we can't even wrap our brain around it.

PixieDust, I was thinking a bit about that! Telling a story via a media broadcast....

Mona, ha! That could definitely be.