Friday, March 18, 2011

Game Friday: Milestones

I've been looking forward to a blogging milestone, and because I've been kind of asleep at the wheel lately, I MISSED IT! Just frigging figures, doesn't it??

So, a little belatedly, I'll say that I've hit half a million hits on Clarity! It's pretty mind-boggling, actually. I remember the feeling when I hit 100K. Then, I saw a really popular blog pass 250K, and I thought, man, if only....

No, numbers don't really matter, but when you're trying to be a writer who sells books, having people come and see your writing is kind of relevant. Truth be told, at least half of those visits are contest-related. But that's cool too. It's not easy to make a popular blog contest.

Anyway, I'm inviting all of you to weigh in with your milestones today, big and small. What little (or big) achievements have given you a good feeling lately? Let's rest on a laurels for a moment, shall we?


Lee said...

First of all Congrats J!!!

I raised a recently graduated NICU nurse of whom I'm very proud. She encouraged me to return to school and I will be graduating in June with a degree in Speech Language Pathology. (Can't quite rest on those laurels yet)~.

Michael Morse said...


I finished #2 on a Captain's promotional exam with the Providence Fire Department two months ago.

I finished # 2 in the Fire/EMS blog of the year contest last month.

This month, (today actually) I heard from the owner of Skyhorse Publishing, and they will be publishing my second book for the February 2112 list.

Sorry to gloat, but I'm having a really good year ;)

adrienne trafford said...

I recently (as in less than a month) published through Schiffer Publishing an oracle card deck (similar to tarot) with 47 of my illustrations and a book describing each card. It's now available through all the online books stores (including Amazon) and through Schiffer and small specialty shops. There is also an all-age coloring book that coincides with it and I have a contract to make another oracle deck - deadline Dec. 1 (although they are very lenient!) so I hope I can do it - it would then be available next Spring! I'm very excited to have my illustrations published!

Anonymous said...

Lee, those are milestones indeed! Congrats on both of them!! I've done a lot of work for the allied health professions and have known some great speech language pathologists.

Michael, awesome! You are racking up the successes.

Adrienne, super cool! That must be a thrill to see your art making such a splash.

PixieDust said...

Congratulations, Jason!

Hmmmm, laurels... well, I'll soon be celebrating my little art shop's 3rd yr. anniversary...