Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Here Comes the Rain Again

I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
Want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you?
     --Eurythmics, Here Comes the Rain Again

He walked the skeletal forest and dodged mud puddles on the trail.

The ground laid soft, punished by the long winter. Twilight blue inked the sky, but light still blushed along the horizon.

Robins flashed nervous wings in the trees. The rest of the flock hurried through the wet leaves.

He broke into open fields and checked his watch. Too late now. Even if he turned back, he wouldn’t beat the drippy spring darkness.

Along the edge of the old cemetery, he stopped. These stones were forgotten, far from the road. He stood, not bothering to count the seconds. The day was slipping away.

He didn’t hear, because the ground was soft.

He didn't hear until her words pushed aside the silence.

“So. You still come here too?” she said.

He closed his eyes a moment before turning around.


SarahA said...

Just enough to make the reader(this reader)want more.I like how you write Jason and I like even more, that you have posted a snippet of 'Here comes the rain again'Beautiful lyrics.I am now on a mission to go find them and post them in my space. Thank you for the reminder.

the walking man said...

So many people he could have seen when he did turn around and you wrote it in such a way that none of them are a given. The song hits at it but without the hint there is a hundred ways this could go. I like the style of most everything you write, Jason, it is enamoring.

Lee said...

Ditto walking man!

The Wanderer said...

made me smile :)

Akasha Savage. said...

I absolutely love the way you write. You say so much with so little words.
...and Here Comes The Rain is one of my favourite Eurythmics songs.

Anonymous said...

SarahA, it's a great song, isn't it? Glad you and others enjoyed seeing it! And thanks so much for the kind words. :)

Walking Man, that's probably the nicest compliment you ever paid me. I'm very humbled. Truly! (And yes, it could be so many things. I like how we, as readers, bring ourselves to fill out the story. We are him.)

Lee, thank you!!

Wanderer, and that's a precious thing. :)

Akasha, I love the video too, don't you?! There was never anything else like it. Probably a simple effect, but it sticks in your head. (And thank you very much for the huge compliment!! In a weird way, this kind of writing feels very real and present to me. I'm drawn to it.)