Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jason, the Crazy Teenager (or Lame Photography Tricks)

So, the photography bug first bit me around 17 years old.

Uncharacteristically, I don't remember why it sparked. Probably, it had to do with my personality type's (INTP) propensity for recording nostalgia to immerse in later. But I digress....

What was I doing when all the cool cats were doing awesome teenage sorts of things? Yes, in addition to my snapping shots of evenings and landscapes and houses and cemeteries, I was screwing around with trick photography.

Jason: "Dad, can you do me a favor?"

Dad: "Um, I guess. What is it?"

Jason: "Come into the living room. Over here, by the light switch."

Dad: "So what's with the table and the candle and stuff?"

Jason: "Nothing. Here's the thing. I'm going to open the camera lens in the dark. I need you to hold this thing over HALF of the camera lens. Turn the light on for four seconds, then turn it off."

Dad: "Wait. This has something to do with the camera?"

Jason: "Half lens, light on, light off. You got it?"

Dad: "No."

Jason: "Okay, then when the light is off, I need you move the cover to the OTHER SIDE of the lens. Turn the light on for four seconds, then off again. I'll come back and close the shutter."

Dad: "Why four seconds?"

Jason: "Because four is half of eight."

Dad: "Do you want any popcorn?"

Jason: "You got this?"

Dad: "Sure. Roll 'em!"

Jason: "They say that for movies, Dad. Not photos."


No wonder my parents thought I was weird.

Since these were the days of film, and I didn't have a camera that could do multiple exposures, I had to do creative MacGyvers to get these shots in one click of the shutter. Here, I remember that I was going for a personal showdown. The dominant me staring down the more reserved. Some intense, internal struggle. (Wow, things really don't change very much.)

Anyway, Dad came through for this one, no?

Needless to say, I didn't get along with my peers until I got older. MUCH older.


Anonymous said...

Excellent - I admire your courage to follow your muse. If only such things could be taught in school.... Fantastic photo too!

Mona said...

That is a good photo indeed!

Rosaria Williams said...

You were brilliant!

the walking man said...

Well at least your parents let you be weird and tried to help. I personally see more of a master and servant in the duality but I do definitely like the photo.

I had no peers at that age to get along with, if i was smarter than I am I would have used time in a way similar to this rather than the ways I did.

Got anymore of these experiments laying around?

Lee said...

I first dabbled in photography while editing my hs yearbook. I could have used you back then - impressive!

PixieDust said...

eeeee! I love this! You were ahead of your time, Jason. And how wonderful that your father went along...



I NEVER got along with my peers. NEVER. Even now we're at a disconnect.


Geraldine said...

You've always been your own man, that's admirable at any age Jason.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Wishing you a very lucky day! G

Anonymous said...

Apple, we have to keep stimulated, right? If I didn't get into things like this, I would have gone batty.

Mona, it did turn out, didn't? Not bad for a jacked-up technique.

Rosaria, just trying interesting things. That's all. ;) (But thanks!)

Walking Man, we share the out-of-sync thing. And yes, I have more fun things lying around. I'm going to dust a few off.

Lee, I'm in! Where do I get started? :)

PixieDust, yes, my parents gave me weird looks, but they facilitated as much as they could. And I hear you on the peer thing. Now, for a change, I'm feeling younger than my peers.

Geraldine, thank you!! And Happy St. Patrick's day to you too! My Irish ancestors are smiling.