Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jason the Over-Dressed Ghost

I stumbled over a box a pictures in the basement, and I found a little mini-album of more old photo-experiments. I kind of forgot these!

Remember that double-me shot I shared a month or so ago? I forgot that I did another one at the same sitting.

This variety of shot is much easier to pull off. Basically, I set up the photo to require a certain number of seconds for a proper exposure, say 8. After exposing the film for 4 seconds with me there, my assistant (Dad again) turned off the light.

After slipping out of the shot, the light got flipped on for the final 4 seconds to complete the exposure. The overall effect is a see-through, ghostly image.

Anyone care to name this wonderful piece of 80's art??


the walking man said...

uhhh "He Died As He Lived-In A Suit Coat"

Lee said...

Isn't it wonderful to stumble upon old boxes that hold snippets of our lives? It's always interesting to not only see what we looked like but what we were about. How about "Ghost of Teenage Angst"?

Aine said...

How about "Still seeking..."?

Or, "If only he knew..."

Anonymous said...

Walking Man, man, that's too true!

Lee, oh, that fits!! Yes, I guess I'm getting to the age where I stumble a lot more. I'm forgetting the old details.

Aine, ha! He was focused, though. I have to give him that. :)

Terri said...

Oh wow, that's very cool. How about, "We could see right through him"

Anonymous said...

Terri, ha!! If only....

PixieDust said...

There was an old show on television, cousin to The Twilight Zone (I think), called The Night Gallery. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw this image.