Monday, April 25, 2011

The Sun Entwines

What better season
when flowers unveil their lace
and green smiles so pure


the walking man said...

I will take days hot
Sweating filled with falling drops
Languid more my style

I am of a mind that the 5-7-5 form is more difficult in English because we use so many polysyllabic words.

Yeah I definitely prefer hot summer to col spring.

Akasha Savage. said...

That was truly beautiful, a little touch of spring. :)

Lee said...

I could almost breathe it in ~.

Nevine Sultan said...

Simple and serene.


Anonymous said...

Walking Man, I like packing in the weighty multi-syllabic words! Didn't really do it with this one. I wonder how Haiku "feels" in Japanese.

Akasha, many thanks!!

Lee, :) Such a pretty little flower. I took it on Easter. (And yes, I did want to respond to your question. I'm a hardcore agnostic, but I still celebrate.)

Nevine, I could use more of those two things.