Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Cool

today the stress bloomed
the me who framed this photo
steadily erodes


Cat said...

Perhaps you're just being exfoliated, not eroded.

Glad you're still writing. Hope all is well.

Laurel said...

Erosion will turn up darker, richer earth!

Shadow said...

let the spring rain wash it off...

the walking man said...

Breathe...maybe time for Jason to take some Jason time.

I decided to limit my online time and to be honest I still find shit to do and you may want to look at how many hours you are consuming in your new position and maybe look at it from a different perspective.

Just a word from an old guy.

Lee said...

It seems everyone I talk to is sharing that same sentiment this week. Agreed - not cool!

Anonymous said...

Cat and Laurel, that's a great way to look at it. I can't shake the unpleasant feeling, though, that some major part of me is going to disappear.

Shadow, I hope so!

Walking Man, some long breaths would do me good.

Lee, yeah, maybe it's an epidemic!