Friday, June 03, 2011

Summer Contest

If there are still Clarity of Night writing contest watchers out there, I have news! I'm going to run a summer contest!!

Although I didn't host a winter contest this year, I now have a photo in mind (to be taken yet), a name, and an idea. Might as well grab the bull by the horns and do it, no?? Despite having a new job that is 10x more work than my old one, I think I can handle it.

Unlike my last contest, this one will return to the style of posting ALL ENTRIES.
, in order to keep the contest to a manageable size, I'm going institute a new method to limit the number of entries to the low one-hundreds. Stay tuned on that. I think it will be fair and not slam the door in anyone's face.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sending out a preview of the contest photo. You can get an early start to compete for those cash prizes! Look for an official launch in the early part of July.

See you then.


SzélsőFa said...

last time, for good reasons, my work did not make it to appear here among the others, let alone the final 40 - now i hope my muse knocks me in the brain to come up with something better.
either way, i know there will be lots of good pieces again :)

Obscure Optimist said...

Eagerly looking forward to it :)

M. said...

Wohooo! :D

Aniket Thakkar said...

Finally!!!! Checked in here after a while and am so delighted to see this post. Mine didn't make it last time either, but it didn't deserve to either.

Haven't been writing fiction much lately, so not sure how i'll fair this time around. But its always a delightful to be in good company, and might just be the kick that puts me on the track. :)

I'm super excited! Yay!

P.S.: I'm sure you know, that I've been keeping more in touch with Aine lately. Needed advice in her area of expertise more than yours. ;) Its back to Master Shifu now.

the walking man said...

*shrug* I don't know why you do that to yourself. But I'll post it again even though like everywhere else I won't be submitting to it.

Laurel said...


PJD said...

Huzzah! Not sure if I'll have time to enter this time (depends on many things), but glad to see you're up to it again.

Anonymous said...

With all the turmoil in my life, this just might be the escape I'm looking for. Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. I've got too much a stake with my pending divorce. Still, I'll be reading. --JR

Wavemancali said...

Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Szelsofa, no cuts this time. Everyone's in.

Yamini, very cool!

M., :)

Aniket, we'll see how this one goes. Maybe there's still enough spark out there. (And if you ever need help understanding those juicy rationals, let me know.)

Walking Man, long story.

Laurel, it'll be nice to do one again.

Peter, always glad to have you!

JR, drop me an email. I have a proposition for you.

CGP, thanks!

Wavemancali, it wouldn't be the same without your family!

chong y l said...

Hi Jason: this post lifts my HEart! You have a streak of masochism in thee --doing it yet again despite current work being 10X more demanding. In a way I am similar -- back home I was about to give up org BUM2011 -- fifth in the annual series -- as no one wanted to receive the chair's baton. Finally, my "passion or is it "madness/madnurse" took over, hence latest entry in advantage to publicise NegaraKu (my country Malaysia) on your side of the vast universe! (My thanks and offer of endless rounds of tehtarik should you make it to Furong, my Peyton Placesque hometown!:)

Sandra Cormier said...

Whoopeee! I'm in!

Need pictures?

Catherine Vibert said...

I had a sense this was going to happen so I came to see and YAY it IS! Oh, BTW, Hi Jason!

JRVogt said...


Bex said...

Omg cant wait to c wat it's gonna b this time. I love the fact that every item u choose for the stories still let's the author write in any genre they like.
Lookin forward to finding out more info :)

Anonymous said...

Desiderata, Sandra, Catvibe, Josh, and Bex,

Glad you're ready to rock it! I trust it's going to be another fun one.