Wednesday, August 03, 2011


the trees are growing
although I cannot see them
the air does not move

the sun's shadows paint long
then short, then long again
the air does not move

the houses sleep
with their inhabitants away
the air does not move

I paint the scene with my mind
I choose the colors by touch
the air does not move


Erratic Thoughts said...

nice pic and superb imagery in there...:)

A bud fluttered open
Blushed against the warmth
the air does not move

SzélsőFa said...

and even the road seems halted :) a good choice of picture to this heavy-air poem.

phatichar said...

"the air does not move" - helps me picture the setting beautifully.

Lee said...

Nice piece and I loved Erratic Thoughts add on...

Vesper said...

I can feel the heat in that air that doesn't move and that it's only midsummer it's a very nice thought...

Anonymous said...

Erratic Thoughts, that's a wonderful addition! I love when people pick up a theme and add their own creativity.

Szelsofa, I wanted one with a different setting, but yes, I thought this one had that stillness to it also.

Phatichar, thanks for saying so!

Lee, much appreciated.

Vesper, I would think that you can see days and moments like this too.

Unknown said...

Ouch, now the whole long day, the refrain in my head would be "the air does not move". Beautiful work.