Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Readers Choice Award Voting is Closed

The time for voting has passed. All of the results are in.

Tomorrow evening (Friday, June 30th), the winners will be announced. Afterwards, I will begin posting comments on what I liked the most about each entry. If you would also like me to give you constructive comments in private, please drop me an email. If you asked for constructive comments with your entry, please drop me an email to remind me, if you don't mind. It's easier for me to stay organized that way.

Thanks!! You've made this contest a blazing success!

Sleep tight.


Jim said...

Aw, darn that busy work schedule. I never even got a chance to pick my favorites, let alone send in my vote. :(

Jaye Wells said...


I can't wait! Have I mentioned you look handsome today? ;)


Anonymous said...

Jim, next time. Hopefully we'll all have a little more next time.

Jaye, you're very naughty! :D

Scott said...

I'll take care of this Jason. Jaye! Mr. Evans does not appreciate being sucked up to. You should be ashamed of yourself. Here Jason, you look tired. Can I get you a coffee or something? Anything?

Jaye Wells said...

Scott said you look bad, make note of it, Jason!

Okay, okay, enough flattery (although that doesn't mean you aren't a good-looking man).

I hope you have some R&R planned this weekened. You're going to deserve it. And no that's not flattery, it's just the truth. Thanks for the contest. It's been great no matter who wins.

littlepuddle said...

I'm excited to see what the outcome is. I'm hoping that someone in my family will win! :)

Eileen said...

You've got an amazing blog. No doubt about it. Check out

She's a blogging buddy looking for some brains to storm! Your readers have ideas in spades!