Thursday, June 29, 2006

While You are Reading and Voting....

Now that the whirlwind of posting has calmed, I'd like to give you all a proper welcome to The Clarity of Night! This blog is a themed blog with fiction, poetry, photography, and a few stray insights. Also, don't be alarmed if you stumble on a gravestone or two.

If you'd like to explore, I'm sure you'll find a cozy corner to relax. The index to the right is there for your convenience. In particular, you might enjoy:

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"Stand-Up Man", my most recent flash fiction.

Also, I'd like to share the work of folks who missed the deadline for one reason or another. Please read and enjoy them as much as the official entries (I'll add them as I get them).


"The Strings"
by Sanjaya Mishra

The frothy clouds tapped the green hills like big balloons. The earthy smell due to the light drizzle and the fragrance of the blooming flowers pervaded all around.

She played the Veena, her small delicate finger deftly touching the strings. Everybody huddled around her - enchanted.

The gusts of wind was sudden and severe as if it was lying captive since long and now in its wild freedom yearned to blow away everything that came its way.

Tucked away somewhere in a remote corner of her memory, it came riveting back, ready to sweep her with all its fury - the accident.

Do accidents always occur in dark stormy nights?

“She will survive…she will be alright…the fingers are crushed though.”

She can no longer pull the strings, can’t play the Veena!”

She never did again.

She looked through the window as the azure landscape was enveloped by a sepulchral darkness.

“One day, surely you will play it again my dear…”

“You can play it in your mind…”

Outside the intermittent lightning dazzled the horizons spasmodically.

“You never know when it will be…but time will come when you will play it again…”

The time had come.

Straining her eyes she saw it there, atop the pole, bisecting the dark expanding skylines.

The cable…the wires…the strings…

Yes, there…that is where her Veena is – inviting her, enticing her.

Her eyes glistening, she grasps the ladder and sneaks out into the night.

Do accidents always occur in dark stormy nights?


Flood said...

I'm going to be away while winners are announced, so a hearty congratulations to everyone in advance.

Jason, thanks again for a wonderful contest and I hope new readers enjoy your blog very much. There's a lot to go through here and all of it is worthy of reading and re-reading.

Anthony J. Rapino said...

Very nice story. Sorry you missed the deadline.

Jason, I have enjoyed your blog since the last contest when your site was brought to my attention. I have added a long overdue link to your site on my blog as well.

Thanks again for the great contest.

JLB said...

I just loved this piece by Sanjaya Mishra and its unique voice! There's so much possibility in this one, and I love the overlay of the veena and the telephone pole/wires.

Thanks for posting a few more Jason, and thanks also for a fun contest - it was wonderful to read so many different pieces inspired from a single image.

Terri said...

I echo jlb's sentiments exactly.

I also missed the deadline and I still can't get to my gmail since I still don't have a phone at home, so I posted what would've been my entry on my terristories blog.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Flood, :)

Anthony, thanks so much for the link! I've added you to mine.

Jib, I love seeing where each writer's mind goes!

Terri, I will definitely be over to check it out. :)

Bhaswati said...

Sanjaya, I am so sorry you missed the deadline. I really like your piece, and for reasons similar to what JLB said. Thanks for sharing :)