Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Entry #38

New Curtains - New Beginning
by Esther Avila

Charlotte stepped closer to the large window. Silently she peered out. Seconds turned into a minute.

"It’s a lovely room for the price," the elderly woman said, appearing to be getting nervous. "I have several people interested....|"

The truth was, no one wanted to rent it. No amount of redecorating could take away the fact that a man had murdered a child in that that room.

Charlotte turned.

"I’ll take it," she whispered.

Reaching into her purse she pulled out a couple of hundred dollar bills. "One hundred a week -- two weeks."

"Very well. If you will follow me to my office I’ll draw up the papers. I want to show you the rest of the home. I think you will...."

Charlotte interrupted the old woman.

"Thank you. I’ll wait here. Like I already said, there is no need to see the rest of the home."

As the door closed, Charlotte looked around the room again. She had not noticed the pink floral print or the pretty angel figurines over the small corner fireplace. Mrs. Akers was right. The room was lovely.

Charlotte returned to the window. Tears filled her eyes. How she hated those wires.

"Mommy’s sorry, baby. If only I had not gone out to buy curtains," she said as she pulled a small handgun out of her purse.

Mrs. Akers was humming as she took the stairs two at a time. Finally the curse was broken. She had rented the room.

[Esther Avila is a freelance writer with more than 3,000 published articles in newspapers, local and community magazines, and trade journals. She is the recipient of the Pacific West Newspapers "Excellence in Journalism" award and won second-place for her short story in Clarity of Night's "Two Lights" contest.]


Jeff said...

Very nice! Great job!

Jim said...

Doubling up on the curse - very nice!

Fran Piper said...

Great story. Poor Mrs. Akers!

Joni said...

Well crafted. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Clever story, Esther. Neat, sharp plot!

Anonymous said...

Lots to go on here - a very tidy plot.

caveblogem said...

So sad, and funny at the same time.

Christian said...

Nicely twisted.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Ooooh, *shiver*!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Akers needs to sell.

Anonymous said...

Such a great impact by setting up the final moment, but not showing it. Very real and palpable.

High marks overall.