Monday, July 23, 2007

High Summer Forest

(Fagopyrum esculentum)

Honeybees, absent for years, wrestle again among the white blooms.

Woodland foodplot
(Approx. 1/4 acre)

They wave in the meadow knitting seed for the harvest moon.

Smooth Chanterelle
(Cantharellus lateritius)

Orange jewels push among last year's leaves.

While she whispers my presence to what moves in the trees.


Clare said...

Your photos are incredible! And I love that the deer's face was kind of hidden but the big translucent ears were sticking up. Really beautiful. And I really like the words you wrote, too.

Wilf said...

How lovely, for a moment I thought your deer was flora not fauna!

The Quoibler said...

I love how you create an interplay between words and images. It captivates the audience on many levels and forces them to seek for the source of your inspiration.

Also... the photos are just dang wonderful! I adore the orangish "stuff"--are they mushrooms or flowers? I can't tell and am too lazy to look it up before my coffee is finished!


Jaye Wells said...

What a pleasant way to start a Monday. Thanks, Jason.

Anonymous said...

Clare, welcome! Thanks for the kind words. :) I have many pictures of wildlife taken with an automated trail camera, but this one is special. I came across her in person. We played a little cat and mouse game, then the sound of the camera sent her leaping and snorting.

Wilf, she's very cautious, isn't she? Unfortunately, she saw me sitting on the trail and knew I didn't belong.

Angelique, the chanterelles are mushrooms. Very tasty. :) **I stumbled on this kind of post early on in my blogging career. I enjoy writing them, and folks seem to enjoy reading them. It's something a little different I've been able to offer.

Jaye, glad you enjoyed your walk. =)

SzélsőFa said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, SzélsőFa. :)