Monday, August 20, 2007

Someone's at the Door

For fun, we placed the trail camera facing the cabin this time.

Moral of the story: if someone comes knocking early in the morning, don't answer the door!

Looks like a curious juvenile Black Bear. I'm sure that if it got one look at my morning hair, it would be bounding off toward the next county.

We had a nice weekend up in the mountains. For those of you following our log cabin (shed) project, we now have a doorway! Sooner or later we're going to get this thing done.

Summer is beginning to fade. I hope you all got out and savored it.

Soon, the season will turn reflective.


Church Lady said...

Aaww! Mr. Fluffy is hungry! Do you feed him, Jay? You won't let him starve. Aaww!

Jaye Wells said...

I know I'm missing the important part of this, but is that a whippet? That red coat rocks.

Deborah Woehr said...

I'm glad you had security cameras installed. That's one aspect of the woods I don't like . . . the wildlife. Guess I'll always be a suburbanite.

The Anti-Wife said...

It looks very peaceful there. Great place to write.

The Quoibler said...

You know, if you could just capture Bigfoot on camera, you'd be set for life.

Imagine the bidding war between Discovery Channel and Sci Fi for the footage! :)


briliantdonkey said...

Looks like the cabin is coming along nicely at least. Maybe you should feed the bear and get him to help you with it.


the individual voice said...

Amazing bear series. I like the way in the first one it just looks like a dark mystery person.

Anonymous said...

Church Lady, something tells me he'll be just fine. Lots of blackberries still around. After that, he can start on beech and hickory nuts. :)

Jaye, yes indeed! That's the neurotic one. We have another less neurotic one. The coats were specially made for Whippets in England.

Deborah, wildlife would definitely be a drawback in this situation. :) Like the time I went out to scare away whatever was chewing on the cabin in the middle of the night. It turned out to be a flying squirrel.

Anti-Wife, very peaceful, but I'll have to wait for my kids to grow more before I can get any real writing done. :)

Angelique, great point! With all the trail cameras around, the lack of any bigfoot pictures is a downer for all the believers.

BD, if he would take a halter, I sure could have used him last year.

Individual voice, I like how this camera takes three quick pictures. You get the sense of motion.

bekbek said...

Nevermind the bear! There's a strange alien in red landing gear about to enter the shed!

Very cool pictures. You keep me thinking about a new camera...

mermaid said...

Is your hair long enough to send the bear the other way?

Sometimes they call me Kelley, sometimes Twizzle. Sometimes a lot worse. said...

sigh. we moved because of the bears. they had issues, liked to hang around on the porch. one day, I got up and he was sitting on my car. I called hubby and said it's time to move. which we did. but now? porcupines. which have issues as well. they like to sit around the pool. hubby said we can't move though. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh its long long time ..are you well


Remiman said...

The cabin looks like a fun and rewarding project. It'll impress me more when it's bear proof. ;-)
Checking out the bears with a camera seems much more appealing than shaking hands/paws with them at the door and inviting them in for a snack and some tea with honey.

SzélsőFa said...

Late autumn and early winter is said to be a time for introspection, indeed.

Btw, this cabin looks a lot like our house now, during reconstruction. :))
only we don't have a dog.

Beth said...

We have bears as well, but never that close. Great shots!

Nice shed too. Very rustic.

wordtryst said...

Lovely cabin. Bears, huh? I'd never go out that door - not that I'm a coward or anything...

Anonymous said...

Bekbek, we've always called them aliens. :) They resemble those creepy grey aliens with big black eyes when they silently stare at you.

Mermaid, it used to be longer. I'm probably in trouble.

Twizzle, so far we've been lucky with porcupines. They are around, but they haven't munched on the cabin. I occassionally put salt blocks on stumps, and the porcupines gnaw on those instead.

Nasra, it's good to see you. Yes, I'm well. You too?

Rel, bear proof...I think I'm doomed in that regard. What I'm more afraid of is it becoming a bat house. The disease/rabies issue freaks me out a bit.

SzélsőFa, the demolition part of renovations is unsettling! It's hard living in a torn up place.

Beth, that's the fun of the trail camera. You get to see some of what's going on at all times. Kind of like hearing that tree fall in the forest when no one was otherwise there.

Wordtryst, :) We've had other close encounters. I ran into a bobcat around the bend of a trail, and a porcupine was right at the foot of the stairs when our dogs ran out to go to the bathroom. By some miracle, our other dog didn't get whacked.