Friday, September 07, 2007

Remember: Rebecca Walker

The Remembrance Series: When I walk among old graves, I think about the voices struggling to endure. Someday not even stone will protect us from being forgotten.

Let's give these voices a little more life in a way they never could have imagined. Please take a moment with me to remember....

Loving Remembrance

Died June 21, 1906

'Tis hard to break the tender cord
When love has bound the heart
'Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words
We must forever part
Dearest loved one, we must lay thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace
But thy memory will be cherished
'Til we see thy heavenly face.


Vesper said...

Oh, Jason, but everything is forgotten... How many names have stayed with us from the past? A few kings, a few writers... Even so there's not much left of them beside a name, a painting, a writing. All we have is the now, and we should live and love as much as we can. As for the future, the only hope is that your children's children's children will go on, carrying inside them a tiny part of you.
I hope this for Rebecca Walker, too...

Jaye Wells said...

I respectfully disagree with Vesper. The only way to fully appreciate the now is to remember the lessons of the past and those who came before us. Sure, history might remember the kings and generals, but it's families that preserve and pass on the legacies of the everyman.

Church Lady said...

I love graveyards. A long time ago, I wandered around an old Jewish graveyard in Alexandria Egypt.

I love that poem. Maybe I'll copy it for myself and tell my husband this is what he's to say.

Sadly, I agree with Vesper. The world would be a much better place if we did as Jaye suggests. But unfortunately, this is not the case for most people.

I'll be thinking about who Rebecca might have been today. Thanks for the posting.

mermaid said...

Thank you for giving Rebecca Walker a rememberance of your own here.

Lately, I'm feeling too inspired, but my thoughts are all jumbled. Hopefully, Esalen and some writing will help me to clarify. Have a nice weekend.

The Anti-Wife said...

What Jaye said!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I've had a crazy day, and we're heading out the door to go to the mountains. I'll respond individually Sunday night. Have a great weekend!

A Paperback Writer said...

This must be the week of death and remembering:
both you and alternatefish have posts on graveyards, and I keep posting on the approaching death of a friend and former student.
Hmmm... death is in the blogosphere.

Wilf said...

What a good idea, there are not that many poems in our local graveyard - too expensive for many - but I must take another look...
RIP Rebecca.

Jay said...

I don't mind being forgotten, as long as I'm loved while I'm here.

Anonymous said...

Vesper, I do believe that eventually time will erase everyone, even the revered names we carry through the centuries. The best we can do is add a silent element or two to the collective experience. That said, I'm still a fighter, and I imagine that these people who I remember now and again would smile and appreciate their names being scratched a little deeper.

Jaye, great point. If we don't protect and record those experiences, we can't move forward.

Church Lady, we can all carry a little part of the burden. That way, it won't be so heavy.

Mermaid, I hope your inspirations shine onto the page. :)

Anti-Wife, we can help those memories live on by asking the questions and hearing the stories before the older generation moves on.

Paperback Writer, perhaps it's the long night slowly building. Winter is coming.

Wilf, it's so sad how many of these messages are lost. The stones during this time just weren't durable. For every one I can read, there are five I can't.

Jay, a worthy goal and measure of success. :)

angel said...

i'm loving this series!