Monday, December 15, 2008


He weaves
on the shadow-side
(or she)
forests darkly tangled
becoming paths
of synapses
and recollections
our feet dirtier
for years up to the knees.
Blaze into our chlorophyll
our sun-scorched leaves
propel our roots
into crowded ground
and sigh.
moonlight loves
whisper in branches
eternally grown


Catvibe said...

Oh how we idealists love to metaphor, (you are one right?) AND to weave on the shadow side. (How fun to use metaphor as a verb). This poem looks like a picture of my mind, how did you do that? Really nicely done, thank you.

Sarah Hina said...

You've woven the passion of an ephemeral moment with the profundity of the eternal here. And both threads sing.

The coolness of the moonlight calming those sun-scorched leaves. Simply mesmerizing, Jason. A great force, and peace.

Charles Gramlich said...

this really evokes childhood for me. Very fine.

Anonymous said...

Catvibe, I'm glad that you felt a familiar comfort in these words. As for my type (INTP), believe it or not, but I'm a rational (with the N-T pairing of intuiting/thinking). However, INTPs, the architects, are often described as idealistic.

Sarah, the connections we form as years pile on weight and complexity...the glow of those life lights are enduring and evergreen.

Charles, I can see you wandering those forests. :)

SzélsőFa said...

I love how peaceful this poem is.

Catvibe said... and my brother. I understand, I think, I mean I feel.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

This captures the imagination. I like all the fresh images here and great words, like: tangled, synapses, propel, roots, evergreen - It is all so earthy - yet, speaks of a human body and human experience, as well.

It is, as though, the lovers themselves will remain unwithered throughout the winter - and, perhaps, even throughout eternity.

Beautiful, as always.

Anonymous said...

Szelsofa, thanks, my friend. :)

Catvibe, is your brother an INTP? That's cool if he is. I haven't met another identified one yet.

Kaye, yes, the human body is integral to this piece. It's the toughening of growth. How the brain and its connections become more convoluted with experience. And yes, the magic connections that touch us always seem to endure and shine through. (And thanks!!)

Vesper said...

forests darkly tangled
- repositories of all mysteries, including that of permanence...

A beautiful poem, Jason, and I find the photo simply exhilarating...

Catvibe said...

INTJ, but the NT part, I was just reading Kiersey's book which I splurged on, is hair raisingly accurate about him. And now I see what you mean about Idealists and Rationalists looking a great deal alike, but the difference is clear never-the-less. I'm glad you two re-tuned me to this.

Geraldine said...

How beautiful Jason. I especially loved the last poetic line. You have such talent. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Catvibe, I think the online tests may have skewed me over the issue of scheduling. INTJs like to schedule things in advance. Perceiving types tend not to. I often answered "yes" to preferring scheduling, but that's where the test is inaccurate. I believe that INTP's like to schedule required things in advance so that they have comfort knowing how much of their time is free and NOT scheduled. Scheduled things bring a certain anxiety because they impinge on our freedom. I'm always prompt, because I want to get the scheduled thing over with.

Geraldine, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your words are so fresh as the sun rises meeting with leaves ...Thank you for your inspiration


Anonymous said...

It's always a pleasure to have you visit, Nasra. :) Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Even though I have visited you earlier bt still your poem remains as new even as I read it with 2nd time