Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us (Smells Like Teen Spirit)

With the lights out it's less dangerous
Here we are now
Entertain us
      --Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit

"You're getting tired of me, aren't you?"

"Me? No."

"It's okay, if that's the way you feel."


"Sometimes you seem so annoyed."

"Sometimes I am annoyed."

"And sometimes you won't even look at me. Like now."

"I need a drink."

"Right now?"

"Can't think of a better time."

"You don't want to talk about this."

"Was that a question?"


"You're getting angry with me, aren't you?"



Vesper said...

Jason, this dialogue rings so true to me... We've all had our "teens"... Well done!:-)

Jude said...

I love Tori Amos. Soulful stuff.

Aine said...

Even though this dialogue is clearly spoken by a couple, it reminds me of sibling dynamics, too.

I had a scary vision just now of hearing this in about 8 years... (and we think arguing about webkinz is challenging...)

(Ha! My verification word is alarmis.)

Catvibe said...

I remember having this argument in my early 20's. Not a fun memory, but definitely a place to travel through. I've never heard this version of Teen Spirit. Tori Amos singing this song renews my love for it, which never dwindles. Between melody and lyrics and the memory of Kurt Cobain this song stabs at my heart like few others.

Sarah Hina said...

This conversation makes me uncomfortable, as they see-saw their evasions and insecurities. Still, wonderful use of only dialog to starkly demonstrate the power of this need machine.

Great video, too! I like her rendition. Tori drags out the pain like few others.

(My word ver. is tarstori ;))

Charles Gramlich said...

The dialogue rocks. That version of the song, on the other hand, is sooooooooooooo bad. I had to turn down my speakers to read your post.

Nothingman said...

this is eerie...most of these conversations go exactly like this.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes they just don't want to communicate ... thats just the way it is. (Hey, isn't that another song?)

Posolxstvo the First said...

Very Hills Like White Elephants.

In a good way.

And sometimes I am annoyed too. Doesn't mean I want to be anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Vesper, yeah, huge tides are behind interactions like this.

Jude, I'm a major fan. :)

Aine, yikes! I can't even imagine the future fights. We'd better stock up on ice packs. :)

Catvibe, I'm very interested in the evolution of relationship communication. And the evolution between personality types. If you'd like to write a dialogue on your blog, I'd very much like to see it! (Glad you liked the Tori version!)

Sarah, oh, don't tar Tori! (Although I see Charles does, LOL.) Sorry you were uncomfortable. You did capture its essence as a see-saw between them. Each reveals deep need. The fulcrum is brief and can't seem to hold them in balance. (Yes, Tori is wonderful at capturing raw emotion.)

Charles, thanks re the dialogue! As for Tori, you are entitled to your opinion, my friend. ;)

Nothingman, that sense of eeriness is a high compliment. Thank you!

Aggie, stand in line, marking time, waiting for....oh, right. Skirting the realities is a defense, yes. The kind of defense that eventually destroys.

Posolxstvo, thank you for making that comparison! I haven't read that story, but now I'm intrigued. And yes, these situations are certainly complex.

Catvibe said...

I might do that sometime Jason, right now I'm still dancing in the boneyard in my thoughts. And chasing dragons for their great wisdom. You know that yesterday's dialogue is so...yesterday, I'm a tomorrow kinda gal. ;-)

Hey! And good on me for not doing that for you simply to please you. So unlike me! Oooh, cool, something new! How's that for some midlife INFJ/P monologue. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Catvibe, boundaries are beautiful things, albeit confusing. Yes, don't do it to please me. :) If you do feel the urge sometime, I was thinking about what you would see as present dialogue. I set out trying to make this one a reflection of my present thoughts about how out unhealthy desires destroy us, but I see I magnified it too much. It does come off raw, much like people are in early adulthood. A true dialogue of the my present would be more like swimming with weights. Much of the time, your head is above water, and you achieve great things, but there is always a potent threat that you'll slip under.