Friday, December 19, 2008


As they sat close, he brushed a fingertip down the curve of her neck. Slow. Painting her portrait skin.

"But why do you find vampires so exciting?" she said.

"You want me to try to explain it?"


"Well," he said, drawing the caress back up to her chin, "it's the jumble of all the primal emotions at once. The predator. The prey. Hunger. Conquest. Sacrifice. Sex like pain, or death, but so much stronger." He touched her lips. "To fall in someone's power. To give yourself to them completely. Being devoured. In ecstasy."

Her breath shook. He was closer now. Pressing. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

"Think of the impossible intensity. Being conquered by his eyes. Bending your head back. Baring the beauty of your neck." She closed her eyes as he tipped her chin upward. "Surrendering your life. Pleading for it to be taken. If only to feel the howling pleasure of losing it."

He kissed the soft line of her jaw under her ear.

His lips trailed down her magnificence.

"Oh God," she breathed.

He drew back one last moment before their night tore open. "Now you understand?"

Then they spilled more precious things than blood.


JR's Thumbprints said...

Vampire-romances seem to be popular nowadays; yet, I can't see myself reading or watching anything remotely close to "Twilight". I did read "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova; probably because of her Michigan connection.

Sarah Hina said...

Yes, what a way to go.

I don't think it's an accident that vampires delight in the neck. It is tender and vulnerable, but also rich with blood...and heat.

Beautiful tension here, Jason. Sometimes, just the idea of vampires is enough to inspire magnificent surrenders. :)

And that photo is gorgeous!! So perfect.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Suddenly, the room got a whole lot colder - and hotter!

There IS something so enticing about vampires. That *something* you characterized so well in "his" explanation. I have always been mesmerized by their beguiling charm.

Very enthralling vignette, Jason.

JR mentioned "The Historian" - That book is so intelligently written - a wonderful literary work.

Ello said...

Ok first off - that picture is magnificent! I absolutely love it and am astonished by your skill. And jealous.

Ok I have to stop reading your blog in the library surrounded by people. I turned as red as the leaf and felt quite flushed.

Charles Gramlich said...

A lot of good lines here. I particularly like "before their night tore open."

Kaycie said...

My goodness. I'm a little warm.

Anonymous said...

Lol! Vamps leave me cold I'm afraid. I cannot believe death is ecstacy ... but I thought it very well "captured." I love that photo ... beautiful.

Aine said...

Hey now... I wanna be with THAT guy!

Anonymous said...

JR, I'll come clean. I'm one of the four guys who has read and really enjoyed Twilight. I find the author's insights into Edward's (the vampire's) personality and motivations fascinating. Especially the ways in which he feels isolated.

Sarah, these two touch those primal elements just enough to be electrified by them. And I completely agree with the endlessly fascinating mysteries of the neck. (And thanks re the photo!!)

Kaye, I've never read The Historian. I'm intrigued! I'm glad my stream of consciousness on vampire eroticism struck a chord. :)

Ello, thank you on both fronts!! I'll admit that thoughts of you uncomfortably blushing in the library is one of my motivations for writing these pieces. :p Thanks again re photography!

Charles, much appreciated!

Kaycie, not a bad condition to be in on a winter day. ;)

Aggie, even if it would be utterly untrue, somehow these ideas can resonate in some. That's what these two are enjoying. Tapping into something that makes them shake with the passion of it.

Aine, LOL. :) Perhaps the guy who can create that guy is a reasonably close second. :p

Aine said...

**batting eyelashes**

I always say go directly to the source...

After all, what's more immortal than a creator?

Wilf said...

Ooo, yummy stuff, Jason. Happy Christmas!

Catvibe said...

Ohhhh...yum yum. Nice dialogue there Jason. I'm going to go take a bath now. Love the photo too.

Anonymous said...

Aine, I like the sound of that. :)

Addy, thanks! Merry Christmas to you!

Catvibe, yummy is good. :) Hope you enjoyed the bath.

Geraldine said...

I loved every part of this work Jason. Bravo! I is getting rather warm, isn't it? :<)

Chris Eldin said...

The coupling of that photo with these words is perfect!
I'm not a fan of Twilight...but yours is much more beautiful. Mature.

Vesper said...

Now that is why I'm fascinated by vampires.... to be with one... but also to be one...
An excellent piece, Jason. And the phot is superb.

Vesper said...

That is the "photo" obviously. Sorry... :-)

Anonymous said...

Geraldine, the best kind of warmth. ;)

Chris, thank you! Passions are like swimming over deep water. We reach whatever depths we dare to dive to.

Vesper, for those who feel the fire reading this, perhaps a touch of the vampire lives in us.

KA Cole said...

I'm not one to be into vamps usually, but this may change my mind!