Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Entry #92

Dusk To Dawn
by Rajeswari(Scrawler)

With a broken heart and clouded eyes...
He walked through the shore...
where the lullabies of waves,
The gentle touch of breeze...
Assuage his tenebrous mind.

Lollingly he gazed.
Starry gestures of the
Sparkling stars sprinkled light
On his quiescent cheeks.
Lusture,fragrance and
Fondness of the nature
Soothened his eyes...
But not his obscure heart.

Slowly he opened the pages of life,
Unveiled the emotions of..
Love,hatred,anger and compassion
Wrapped beneath his mind.
The lost love and hopes,
Knitted and shattered dreams,
Smashed his tender heart.
The thorns of memories
haunted his mind ..
which made him bewail.

Upon hearing his wail
The waves made a pause!
The breeze stopped for a while!
Stars appeared as loom!
They heeded to the
threnody of his mind,
Saw his fluttered heart,
grasped his mystic ecstasy.

Azure starry sky,
Vast wavy sea and the breeze,
Resieged to cuddle him.
And he found solace and warmth
in their fondling.

Alluring nature
kept him in swoon
from dusk to dawn.
Caught cuckoo's tune
Felt the glow around.

He stood up and walked...
towards his sunny days ahead..


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Finally a poem!

Lovely imagery,loved the ray of hope at the end :)

Lena said...

aww... that was a lovely poem. And the hope in the end.. all he ever needs.. Beautiful! :)

The Preacherman said...

poems seem a bit scarce around here. Nice to find one and even better that it's a bloody good one as well.

Great imagery. Nice one!

Aniket Thakkar said...

Sheer Awesomeness! It was more like you were painting the words over the canvas of life! It was about time a poet unleashed his wrath! :-D
We all need some hope to cling to!

Went through your blog out of greediness to find more such reads.... am so glad you didn't disappoint! :-D

laughingwolf said...

only the second poem i've seen here, well done :)

Scrawler said...

@all...Thank You So Much! Wish you All Very Best For The Contest! :-)

Sarah Hina said...

Many of your images shined. There was a fine flow of feeling, connection and comfort. Nature can be a soothing balm to the soul.

Lovely poem, Scrawler! So good to see one with such an inspiring revelation at the end, too. :)

Catvibe said...

After sitting here for two entire days reading and writing comments, I can't even begin to describe the refreshing feeling your poem has washed over me. Very lovely watery breezy imagery. I liked that the ascension was implied and that it had nothing to do with escalators. :-) I hope you have a blog, I'd like to read more of your poems.

Scrawler said...

@Sarah :-) Thank You So Much..

@catvibe Thanks that you liked are most welcome to my blog!

sawan said...

i luv happy and positive ends :) and i luvd this poetry :P

beautiful words scrawler!

Margaret said...

At last a poem!!
And what a good poem!

Reading it was like taking a relaxing walk in the middle of nature....lovely...

Ÿ∂ Μ Î ŋÎ said...

Finally a poem... It is refreshing... beautiful... the words are simply flowing, they seem effortless, painting an imagery of your thoughts... simply ecstatic..

September said...

very pretty, nice writing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being a wonderful part of the contest!