Friday, March 13, 2009

Have a Seat


1A       2A      3A       4A     5A       6A
1B       2B       3B       4B       5B       6B
1C       2C       3C       4C       5C       6C
1D       2D      3D       4D      5D       6D
1E       2E       3E       4E       5E       6E


You walk in the door to an empty classroom.

There are thirty empty chairs (numbered above). Which seat would you naturally choose?


Okay, now that you're seated and Teacher is putting you to sleep, any thoughts on why you sat where you did? Any strategy at work?

Do tell!


Linda S. Socha said...

I want to be near the front but not on the front I may want to become invisible is more difficult to accomplish that feeling or reality on the front row. Also, it is more difficult to note activity behind

I want to be surrounded and feel the classroom support but not be in the middle where I could not fantasize an easy escape.

Not that I will need one. I just want to know I could easily have one.

Also I prefer a bit of an asymetric approach asthetically ...Not too balanced please. It needs to feel balanced or correctly weighted if you will but now too predictable.

Now I could have chosen the back row as much impact can be made from that vantage point.I like having the option to make impact but not the expectation.

Although tempted to sit on the end I will not as it does not appear if I am committed to staying.

Ok , I have chosen my seat and I now occupy it. Where am I sitting?

Aniket said...

Hmmm... It seems more a post by Aine than by you. :)

Well, I'll definitely take 6D.

I've always been a backbencher. As our ex-President Dr. Kalam rightly commented, the greatest of the minds of a country, could be found sitting on the last bench of any classroom.

And am very much like Calvin when it comes to studies, I always sway to dreamland in between the classes where the adventures of Spaceman Spiff begin. And the first rule of being a revolutionary is to not get caught!

And teachers always ask questions and eye the back benchers. So the last row is not an option. That brings us to the second last row as the most suitable choice.

Now, assuming the door to the class room is on the left of the gargoyle (we will say Teacher).

Teachers suspect the pranksters and dreamers to be in the corner places, so they tend to eye the most confined place more, i.e. area surrounding '1E'. Hence, that region is unsafe.

Thus, my choice is 6D. :-) :-)

PS: This was great fun. We still hunt for good seats (to sleep) when we have a seminar or quarterly meets in the company. :)

I have attention deficit disorder. :P

Whirlochre said...

1A, by the window, hopefully, with a good view of the class.

advertisno said...

*LOL*...I will sit absolute in the front...I see bad and I hear what I want to listen to...;)


Anonymous said...

1D ... I'm definitely not an up the front person, but I don't want to be at the back with all those ones hiding out ... and finally I want to be near the window so I can look out and let my mind wander when the teacher gets boring.

SzélsőFa said...

I love games!!
I'd prefer sitting somewhere near the teacher, but not the front row. Nearer to the window (to get more natural light and fresh air). but not right nex to the window (too much sunshine and distraction).
So I'd say coloumn 2, rows B to D.

the walking man said...

1E or 6E always worked well for me. I could see everything and everyone. And if I were of a mind to speak, everyone but the teacher would have to turn around to see who was spewin such insanity.

blogless troll said...

3E or 4E. I like to see everything.

Karen said...

No question: I'm in 5B, right up front where I have to attend to the teacher, but off to the side a bit so I have an excuse to sit sideways and take in a little of the class. This is the strategy I use to make myself pay attention. It works for me still in seminars or even in church.

Catvibe said...

4B. I can feel surrounded by the class yet still be in front. I can hear better, pay better attention, and maintain eye contact with the teacher and laugh at his/her jokes best from 4B.

Margaret said...

Thank God my seat is still vacant :)
I'll have 5C, I like to be somewhere in the middle but not direct middle, not up front and not at the back. And I like to have someone sitting both sides and in front and behind.
Still got a good view of the teacher from here but can hide behind the others if I don't want to be picked out :D

Aine said...

Yay-- my seat is still vacant! 2C--I like to be near the front (third row is usually not the middle) and to the left so that the teacher won't block my view of what they're writing on the board as they move from left to right.

And, I will look attentive, but relaxed-- as unnoticeable as possible. Hoping the teacher won't call on me unless I actually have my hand raised (which is rare).

Would you believe I actually really miss school?

Aine said...

Oh! I guess I'll have Szelsofa near me! :D

Anonymous said...

I'd probably choose 1E or 4E. Left back or middle back. I always liked to sit at the back of class.

6A might come in handy, though, so you can make a quick bathroom run just to get away from the teacher.


Sarah Hina said...


I actually like to maintain eye contact with a teacher, which I can do better from the middle. But if it's a teacher who is likely to ask questions, I can try to disappear behind the person sitting in 3C.

Now what are we all going to learn about? I'm hoping for literature, but I have a bad feeling it's math...and I didn't do my homework. ;)

Jaye Wells said...

4A. Not sure why exactly. It just felt right. When I was younger, I would have picked something further back. But now I guess I like being able to feel like I'm close enough to interact with the speaker.

Jennifer said...

Well, since you didn't say whether the prof is one of those bastards who calls randomly or one who goes by the seating chart, to hedge my bets I'm going to go with 4D because I don't want to be called on the first day, until I get a feel for the level of sadism involved, and that way if the prof starts in the front or back, I'm okay, and if he calls randomly, I'm still pretty under the radar but not looking like a total slacker (read: fresh meat) in the back. didn't say this was law school, did you? ;)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I'll have 1C. I don't want to appear to be uninterested by sitting in the back, or too interested by sitting in the front!

I like the middle, but don't like to be boxed in. (I think I am too self-conscious to have people on either side of me...I am amazed at this statement. Really! So, I like an "edge".

It feels more natural to look to my right than to my left. I am hoping that there is a window on that wall. I will be listening and looking for birds and looking for trees, clouds,

I like to participate - but don't like to be called on without volunteering, so I hope this is a seat that will give me some anonymity.

I take notes copiously, but, if I am bored I draw a lot. faces, eyes, boxes, shapes - doodles. If I sit in this position perhaps the teacher won't notice my paper.

Thanks, Jason. I think I have learned something about myself. ;)

SzélsőFa said...

It seems to me that I'm taking 2B/D, with Aine right behind/in front of me so that she can help me anytime when I get stuck, and yes, I imagine the window being on the 1-side, just like K.Lawson Gilbert does...

Wavemancali said...

I'd be in 4A.

I've always engaged my teachers and didn't want the distractions of the other people in the class that didn't want to be there or didn't have anything to add.

I liked school and I miss it really.

Wavemancali said...

Of course re-reading the comments I'd see that Jaye has already taken my seat so I'd settle for 3A.

bluesugarpoet said...

Hmmm - it all depends on where the door is. I will be late, so I will need to slip in somewhere where my tardiness will be relatively unnoticed...

Anonymous said...

Linda, Aniket, Whirlochre, Advertisno, Aggie, Szelsofa, Walking Man, Blogless Troll, Karen, Catvibe, Margaret, Aine, StrugglingWriter, Sarah, Jaye, Jennifer, Kaye, Wavemancali, Bluesugarpoet,

Thanks everyone for coming to class! Actually, this one was pretty close to what I was doing for the past two days. I had a Continuing Legal Education seminar in my practice area, health law. So lots of strategic seats were in order. (BTW, I hate conferences!!)

I think I'd sit in 6C. For some reason, I like one side of me to be clear (watch your back). I also never choose the center if I can help it. I like coming from an unexpected angle. Deciding when to make my move. ;)

Linda S. Socha said...

Well on review I see Margaret beat me to my unreserved 5C by default I will head on over to 2D...keeping an eye out for 5C if Margaret is absent:>)

Aniket said...

Yeaahh!! Now I got Jason to cheat from, in case there is an evaluation test at the end of the seminar! :-D

And now I realize, I haven't seen you or Aine ever. (Except for your butt naked pic and Aine's legs in "Ascension" :-D) Do post a pick sometime. It'll be great if I could put a face to the image. :-)

Also, I need to confirm you are stocky enough that I could hide behind you. lolzz

PS: We have too many good girls out here, who like teachers and want to study. Wait some of them are themselves teachers. Have to be careful, what we speak in this class... Don't worry, I've got your back!

Margaret said...

:-O I'm really sorry I took your seat Linda. You should have put a "reserved" sign on it ;)

I'm afraid I never miss school so you'll have to stick to your 2nd choice of 2D - sorry about that! :)

tea and cake said...

2B for me. I'm keen to be there; don't want to miss anything; don't want to be distracted by anyone behind; but don't want to be directly under teacher's eye, as I tend to have a 'fierce' face on me when I'm concentrating on what's being said.
This is all probably due to the fact that I did nothing at all at school, only getting my education at night classes and Open University, since my thirties.
Mm, good one, Jason.

Kaycie said...

3C or 4C, depending on where the door is. I'd sit in the one closer to the door. I like to be in the middle of the class. I think it has to do with being able to interact with any other student visually or verbally. I am a participator!

Anonymous said...

first, i can't stand boring teachers. second, i was a teacher for 8 years myself, and i made sure i was never a boring teacher. third, i pick the seats based on my experience both as a student and as a teacher.

the back row is a bad choice cos teacher would pay special attention to the kids seated at the last row.

the first row is not too good either if teacher puts me to sleep. i would struggle to stay awake right under teacher's nose.

i will pick the second last row, cos it's the furthest other than the last row (of course). enough for me to do my own reading, doodling, etc, if teacher is boring.

2D or 5D would be perfect. not in the line of teacher's direct vision and not tucked at the perimeter which teacher would pay more attention to. when i was teaching, 2D and 5D were the spots i paid the least attention to.

Linda S. Socha said...

Alas and rts

Linda S. Socha said...

Basically Jason your thoughts are my kind of thoughts

Anonymous said...

Linda, no reserved seats, don't worry. And glad to see a similar strategizer out there!

Aniket, there are a couple pictures of me around. One is on the index to this blog. Here is one back from CABIN BUILDING. Aine has been too shy so far, but we'll get a picture of her up sometime.

Margaret, my attendence was pretty good too.

Tea and Cake, you sound like a great student which teachers would appreciate.

Kaycie, being able to make a quick escape is always a good strategy. :)

Will, I see we have a similar thought process!

Aniket said...

Thanks :-D! Oh, I can hide easily behind you! :)

Kim Watters said...

I'm a student myself and I have to sit in the front row because I misplaced my glasses and have to sit near the board so that I can read the teacher's writing. I do have 2 teacher's who put me to sleep and if I had a choice - assuming row E is at the back of the class, I'd pick the seat closest to the door, either 1E or 6E.

Geraldine said...

6B or 6C, Not the first in the row and over to the side. A good vantage point to observe and also far enough away from the center of the room if I chose to daydream.

What an interesting experiment. I guess even our choice in sitting arrangements speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Aniket, I'm shrinking as I get older.

Kim, that makes sense. I wouldn't want to miss what's going on. I'd definitely sit in the front if I needed to.

Geraldine, you're with me! Cool!

Hoodie said...

Holy Crap! I didn't post last time I read this because there were already 30+ comments and I was positive that my seat would be the first taken and among all your commenters NOBODY TOOK IT! Weird? Yes. It popped right out at me immediately and there is no other choice: 3B.

Close enough to see but not right in front. Most of the class behind you so as not to get distracted. Close enough to the door for an easy exit but not so close it leaves you longing to escape.


Aniket said...

Hmmm.... The Curious Case of Jason Evans!! Tee Hee... :)

Anonymous said...

Hoodie, take it man, it's yours! Welcome to the class. :)

Aniket, creepy, I know. ;)

Vesper said...

How interesting! 2D for me, please. Am I sitting in someone's lap? :-) :-) :-)

Dal Jeanis said...

Late for class, so I missed 4B and 5B. I'll take 5A.

I like to be toward the front, slightly off center to the right, and back one row so that the teacher can't stand right over me.