Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The cancer solstice
Welcomes grey forgotten rains
Feet will sing again


SzélsőFa said...

So shall be it!
I'm off to sow some more carrots :)

the walking man said...

Wonderful 5-7-5. Come to me spring and summer.

Aine said...

Ahhh, the solstice...I can feel the warmth already. It's nice to look forward. (We should start making plans! :))

My feet are dancing for the equinox, too!

(My verification is annode-- seems to be a sign of some sort...)

Sarah Hina said...

I like how we're in between solstices now. This haiku feels like looking back, and looking ahead, all while enjoying the transition at hand.

And a lovely, buttery photo to show what beauty can sprout from a little bit of rain. :)

Aniket said...

Exceptionally written... But it hurts to see you people posting about spring, as we have entered into full blown summers here. Its already reaching 40 degree Celsius out here.. that is HOT!

I need to practice Haiku too. Didn't even knew it existed, before met you people. Its always fun to read.

Jennifer said...

What timing! We just had a snow storm two days ago, a bright sunny (cold) day yesterday and now the grayest of gray rains today. I am putting a lot of stock in your last line, Jason!

Meghan said...

My feet will sing MORE when it's sunny AND warm.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I needed that warm picture and hopeful poem today. Thank you, Jason.

Karen said...

I love the picture and the promise of those singing feet!

Anonymous said...

Szelsofa, is that the first thing you plant?

Walking Man, short verses like haiku fit so well with photos. Nothing too taxing. Just a thought and an image to steer by.

Aine, yes, I don't want to short change the equinox. The crossover time. (Plans?? Let's get cracking!!)

Sarah, buttery photo...that's perfect! I could have it for breakfast. :) And yes, we're leaving the clutches of the dark solstice.

Aniket, haiku is a great form for nature poetry and focused thoughts. Go for it! (40 degrees celsius?? Yikes, that IS hot! Isn't body temperature around 36?)

Jennifer, it's coming. Mother nature has to have mercy on us, right? Right??

Meghan, fair enough. :) But at least we can remember what it was like to help us through.

Kaye, I'm waiting for that first day when the sun's rays strike me, and I can really feel the power returning.

Karen, it's such a warmly soft photo. I needed some of that!

Aniket said...

Yeah, and couple of days back highest temp. went 36 and lowest 15 degrees. We are getting pasteurized. :D

Margaret said...

This beautiful soft pic is just what I need right now to shake off the winter blues.
Nothing but hailstone/snow storms here these past few days. But it won't be long before my feet will sing again among colourful spring flowers in my garden.
I must have a go at writing haiku, it's a beautiful way to express a lot in a few words.

SzélsőFa said...

Basically, yes. Carrot and parsley are the first two to get into the soil. Salads and garden peas to follow a week or two later, weather permitting...

Catvibe said...

Well now we haven't even hit Spring and you're already thinking summer! Of feet will sing, yes and hop and jump and soak in fast running cool water streams lined with moss and slippery stones.

I do not know what it is like there in PA, but here in NC the trees are blooming! I fear the early awakening may be lost by yet another frost or snow, but for right now I have happy feet and they are singing Ah Je veux vivre!

Anonymous said...

Aniket, wow! Are those highs normal for this time of year?

Margaret, then it was indeed well timed! I hope it gives you a bright thought in these dark days.

Szesofa, I haven't planted carrots first. Maybe I should try that!

Catvibe, well, Pennsylvania is in tough shape compared to North Carolina. It's still a dreary mess. But it was a treat to pull out this photo!