Friday, April 03, 2009

Fish Anyone?

Aine and I have a bit of a picture posting rivalry going (although I'm clearly getting trounced in the volume department).

I can't let her totally own me when it comes to our fishing prowess, however. So, for a teenage pic, I'm giving you my "champion" (ahem) red snapper caught off the coast of Florida during a vacation. I'm doing my best lobster impression also. I'm not the best tanner. I have to go through a period of radiation burns before any color sets in.

Fried or Broiled?


Aniket said...

The battle is on!! :-)

So after we all "Awww'ed" at Aine's pictures, you have put up a pic to get some "Ooooooooh's" from the ladies, han? :-)

Ahem Ahem, from one bro to another: 'Nice Catch. Sweett!' :-D

PS: I think the chicks would dig the tan... lolz

Aine, do you hear the war cry? Its your turn now.

For the record, am on Aine's side. 10 bucks say she'll win the polls. (Sorry jason :-) )

Anonymous said...

Amazing how you managed to morph into the same colour in order to catch that fish. It probably thought you were it's hot date for the night! Lol!

Karen said...

One of my favorite lines:
"The child is father of the man."

Looking at this picture, do you REMEMBER this Jason? What he was thinking and feeling as this picture was taken? Is he still you?

Catvibe said...

Did you photoshop you or the fish in order to morph into the same color? My skin has the same burn issue. I stopped trying to tan it. I do want to HAVE skin when I'm fifty.

Margaret said...

Seems like I should head over to Aine's blog to really compare the pics Jason.

This isn't a bad pic of your "champion". Great resemlance there of your colours (red on top and white underneath). But you should have opened your mouth wide for the photo :))

You certainly combed your hair into shape, not a wisp of hair out of place. ;D

Aine said...

:D **whistle** Who is that guy?! (I think I should get his number... ;))

I do see so much of the you I know in this photo. But so innocent! As we've said before, it would be so cool to travel back in time and meet you then.

And, as for the fishing-- nice catch, landlubber! ;)

Sarah Hina said...

That's some catch! :) Must have been hard to reel in.

Glad that you and Aine are enjoying the pic back-and-forth. You look a little proud, if a bit reserved in the photo.

I empathize with the lobster issue. I always turned scarlet and had to peel before a nice tan settled in.

(definitely fried!)

Anonymous said...

Aniket, it's cool. I know your more of a Life is Beautiful guy than a Clarity of Night one.

Aggie, that's how I caught it! Total case of mistaken identity.

Karen, that's a great question! Actually, I can step onto the other side of that photo for you. I was 15, which is the age something shifted in me, and I began to be the person who I know today. So, yes, it feels like me. We had just spent the day being battered on the boat, and my friend got totally sea sick. It was always my job to clean and cook all the fish, so after a shower, I was ready to dive into the job (although I was dog tired). I wasn't too keen on dealing with picture taking at the moment, but I stopped (probably in the midst of a huff) to take the picture with Mr. Snapper.

Catvibe, I actually toned it down some. The picture was even more red, if you can believe it.

Margaret, we were long lost twins. :) As for the hair, it was rare moment, believe me.

Aine, yeah, meeting each other back then would have been amazing. :) If you would've been on that trip, I'm sure you would have hooked into a marlin or something. ;)

Sarah, we have defective skin. Aine too. Our ancestors should have never left the Artic circle. Your description of my expression seems right.

Charles Gramlich said...

You're both about the same color, my friend.

Aniket said...

Oh, I didn't mean to be rude or anything. Just Kiddin'! :-)

You both are my Yin-Yang, so I can't do without either! :D

Meghan said...

How many people can say they have a picture of themselves holding up a fish in

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Great catch, Jason...and Aine! ;P

Linda S. Socha said...

Love the fish photo. I confess. I cannot wait to see your 25 life influences....

Anonymous said...

Charles, pass the Noxema. (With aloe.)

Aniket, yin and yang...I like that. :)

Meghan, we got fish and kitchens galore! :)

Kaye, LOL. :)

Linda, it's a tough prospect. I guess I'm dazzled by the notion of 25. I need to change the rules and pare it down.

the walking man said...

The young Jason is already broiled, fry the fish.

Vesper said...

Nice seeing your teenage self, Jason! :-)

Geraldine said...

I can still feel that sunburn after baking out on the beach with baby oil for protection! I roasted that color too. LOL. What a great pic,thanks for the smiles!!!

Hugs, G

Anonymous said...

Wait. I don't know what I was thinking. I was 17 here.

Anyway, thanks Walking Man, Vesper, and Geraldine!