Friday, July 10, 2009

Entry #32

Vice Wine
by Vinay Pandey

Grandpa used to say…

Drink like a man, and choose your drink like one
Your drink is your lady, wisely you must choose
for she changes you, your attitude , your traits
as long as she stays , your woman and your booze

Hard grained liquor, like a strong willed woman
sets you free, keeps you up and keeps up with you
she takes your worries, she brightens up your traits
for she is one secure lady, proud of her brew

Weak women are insecure, their company ties you down
you want to fly, she holds you down, she doesn’t let you shine
A spirit so similar, that spirit killing spirit, that trait dampening spirit
from greasy grapes and gooey pulp that spirit is called wine

Grandpa was right, I realized that night, when I sat with a glass of wine
I had had 3 sips when I looked at the clock; the time was half past nine

At half past nine I heard some one speak, I thought I lost my chips
"Promise me you won’t forget me", a girly voice said, "as you forgot the last 3 sips"

I took up the glass and through the clear crystal I saw the lovely wine
I smashed it on the floor and looked at the clock; the time was half past nine

I felt so good, it was half past nine, I hadn't for a minute
let her rule me, the mean weak woman, the villainess of this sonnet...


laughingwolf said...

ooo nasty! ;) lol

sheetal tewari said...

Now that really hurts..well written

Aniket said...

Your grandpa is a wise man. :)

Liked the end.

Catvibe said...

I liked it. I don't agree with grandpa, but I liked it anyway. The guy has anger issues! Yikes, I'll be staying away from him! ;-)

Chris Eldin said...

Different! I also disagree with grandpa, but liked your writing.

vinay pandey said...

Thank you guys..all of you

@ catvibe and Chris: Your disagreement with grandpa stems from your love for wine or is it the weak woman?

The Preacherman said...

hahaha Go Grandpa!!! Nice one mate

Four Dinners

Mona said...

Grandpa surely seems to know his lessons well! :)

Great tale!

Rohan said...

I agree one hundred percent with what Grandpa says...well written.

pjd said...

Grandpa might be confusing "strong willed" with "overbearing and reckless." I think he simplified a bit too much.

But it's a great start to the poem, and an unforgettable conclusion. It's definitely a spin different from much of what I've seen so far in the contest.

JaneyV said...

I like the premise - though not necessarily the sentiments. Grandpa sounds like an old soak to me!

I think you developed the poem well and I think the end was terrific. Very readable and well played.

Jade L Blackwater said...

I love the many metaphors of your piece - nicely developed.

Sonia said...

did not let her rule....
Well done!

Anonymous said...

I like this contemplation. The metaphor of the spirits. Yes, he broke free.