Monday, November 09, 2009

A Hunter's Mysticism

~~A forest is never the same twice. It's always changing. Choose your path before you walk, and see where every step will fall.

~~Never go backward. Only forward. No matter how hard the terrain ahead.

~~Know what colors and textures a plant never makes.

~~The more patient animal usually wins, whether human or prey.

~~Never trust a sound in the wind. Like a mirage in the desert, a breeze in the forest is a siren's song of lies.

(Pictures from Wayne County, Pennsylvania, U.S. Infrared trail camera.)


Stephen Parrish said...

Did you write the captions? They're great.

Tabitha Bird said...

I love those cations Jason. Awesome.

Karen said...

I've always contended that hunters are looking for an excuse to be in the woods.

Woman in a Window said...

Are you hunting? How do you feel about it?

My step father who is nearing 60 took his first buck ever this weekend. By profession he was a butcher. I asked my mom, Did he cry when he took the deer. She told me, Yes. And then he got drunker than he's ever gotten and he's a lot of practice!

Hunting is a very curious thing.

Enjoyed your pictures. Would enjoy your hunting stories that would go along.


Charles Gramlich said...

A breeze in the forest is a siren song of lies. I like that. I wonder if that is true for a creature who depends on the nose rather than the eyes and ears.

PixieDust said...

That last paragraph is perfection, and I love the juxtaposition of using the desert as a metaphor...



Melissa said...

I would love to lose myself in the woods for a moment of so...they've always seemed like dark enchanting places to me.

Great captions!

Four Dinners said...

Great pics and great captions old bean.

Not a fan of hunting in general but banning fox hunting over in the UK was plain nuts!

Very rarely did any hunt actually catch a fox...they're way too quick and crafty for the hounds.

If they did it would invariably be a very old or diseased one.

Now we're overun with elderly and diseased foxes.

Perhaps we should hunt politicians? Much more fun...;-)

staceyjwarner said...

this was a treat...thank you!

much love

Nevine said...

"Like a mirage in the desert, a breeze in the forest is a siren's song of lies." What an insightful statement that is. But I ache for those poor animals...


Anonymous said...

Stephen, yes, they're my observations. Thanks!

Tabitha, much appreciated. :)

Karen, a big part of that is true. Sitting in the woods this weekend was like floating in warm water. Very soothing.

Erin, yes, I hunt. I have to say that I'm one of those who still has a thread of the old predator instinct born in. (I do more for the animals than I take, however. Planting food, improving habitat, etc.) Anyone who eats meat in any form in a hunter by proxy. There are those among us who can still stalk and take down the game in person, eye to eye. I'm one of those.

Charles, a steady wind is like bright light to the ones who use their nose. But I've seen them in a confused, changing wind. They are very nervous and slow.

PixieDust, thanks. :) I liked the juxtaposition too.

Melissa, very true. The strange thing for me, however, is that as I go deeper (as in miles), the enchantment falters, and the darkness grows.

Four Dinners, ha! Yeah, I seem to think that fox hunting ends most often with tired dogs and horses.

Stacey, my pleasure. :)

Nevine, for those who are strict vegetarians, I understand the sentiment. For anyone who eats meat in any form, however, they are hunters by proxy. All of the animals in these pictures are alive and well. A couple animals a year, at best, are taken by me. Their lives are idyllic. Free and open with death coming unexpectedly and fast. Not like the processed animals we raise for slaughter. It really is a close, Earth connection to immerse in nature and form that personal connection with what you consume.

Akasha Savage said...

I enjoyed the pictures and the captions. Good post. Although I find woods and forests abit too unnerving since watching The Blair Witch Project!

Anonymous said...

Akasha Savage, I know what you mean! A couple of years ago, I watched Blair Witch like 4 times, then went out into the predawn forest alone. Dang unnerving.

SzélsőFa said...

these are some extremely useful and right-to-the-point observations, Jason.

SzélsőFa said...

on forests being frightful places...
one can be more frightened in a dense city at noon than in a lonely forest at night.
if you know the rules (some of them listed in the post) you are safe in a forest.
but in a town? with all those unpredictable people?